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Icon of Adult Child Social Care

Social care

Social care

The care system today is very much focused on the challenge of providing integrated services which cater for the complete needs of the individual and of local populations.  This requires collaborative workflows and communications between NHS organisations and local government, as well as voluntary and third sector organisations. 

As a company, we focus on health and social care solutions in order to facilitate the breaking down of barriers between care settings. Our Liquidlogic range of social care software is the leading software solution for both adults and for children’s services.  This focus makes us unique in our market and means we understand the requirements of all care settings. 

By integrating Liquidlogic with hospitals’ electronic patient record systems - whether other suppliers’ software or our own EPR - admission and discharge notices are sent direct from hospital systems into the social care workflow in real time.  This helps ensure that discharge processes are managed smoothly and efficiently and that individuals are well-supported as they move between hospital and community-based care. 

By linking to shared care records, social workers can access a patient’s GP record -including medication (current, past and issues), risks and warnings, procedures, investigations, encounters, admissions, discharges and referrals - alongside their social care data.  Similarly, those in a healthcare setting are able to view social care information such as allocated case worker, associated carer, disability and any risks, hazards/alerts, protection notices, care plans and services already in place.

Having this information available immediately gives professionals a better understanding of an individual’s needs as a whole, which in turn helps them respond sensitively, appropriately, and make the best clinical decisions.

Integrating CareFlow Connect enables team-based care co-ordination across multiple health and social care settings. It means valuable time is not wasted in inefficient communication but can be spent efficiently and productively with colleagues and patients and real-time alerts support cross-organisational collaboration.

We have also led in the delivery of joined-up technology such as integration with the Child Protection – Information Sharing project (CP-IS), which supports staff working in unscheduled health care settings to identify children who are looked after and share information with relevant social care teams.

Key offerings

Adults’ social care system

Provides flexible and comprehensive functionality to enable the management of contacts, referrals, assessment, reablement plans, care commissioning, personal budgets, self-funders, safeguarding, DOLS, provider management, financial management and financial assessment; all within a logical and easy to navigate workflow, which can be tailored to reflect Local Authorities’ working practices.

Read more about our adults' social care system.

Children’s social care system

Supports all aspects of social work with children and has been specifically developed by and for practitioners to allow case management and record keeping for children in need, looked after children, adoption and child protection cases, as quickly and simply as possible.  It’s flexible and adaptable enough to allow Local Authorities to tailor forms and workflow to local requirements in what is a constantly changing and fast moving environment.

Read more about our children's social care system.

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Case study:

London Borough pioneers data sharing to join up health and social care services

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Case study:

Working together: seeing the bigger picture - Wirral Council


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This is a very important and concrete example of how IT can be used to transform service delivery for the direct benefit of patients. The automatic transmission of patient information makes it so much easier to ensure that vulnerable patients are discharged seamlessly into the community, with the right levels of support in place to meet their particular needs.                                                    
Glenn Winteringham, Director of IM&T at The Whittington Hospital

Our other offerings

Icon on EDMS (Electronic Document Management System)


A cloud and mobile-enabled, modern, flexible electronic patient record system designed exclusively for the NHS.  


Icon on Shared Care

Shared Care 

The largest, most established integrated digital care record system in the country, holding records on over 16m patients, making joined-up health and social care a reality. 


Icon on Child health

Child Health & immunisation

Our market-leading, comprehensive electronic records for child health, covering over 6.1 million children in the UK. 


Icon on Emergency department

e-Referrals & treatments

Electronic referral management and treatment pathway solution that links seamlessly to the NHS e-Referral system.

Icon on BI

Business Intelligence

Provides easy access to crucial information through the use of reports, summaries, data cubes, graphs and dashboards.

Icon on Patient Flow

Patient Flow  

Helps a hospital better manage its patient journeys from pre-admission through to discharge by providing an accurate, real-time picture of capacity and needs

Icon on ePMA


Supports accurate and safer prescribing through predefined prescription templates, drug decision support, alerts and pharmacy prescription validation.

Icon on Clinical-workspace

Clinical Workspace    

Displays a set of priority patient information in one location, helping clinicians to view and act accordingly using one single tool

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