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Knowledge Hub.

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Thought Leadership

Embracing System Convergence in Healthcare.

Ongoing pressures at a national and local level require a pragmatic approach to electronic patient record (EPR) procurement from integrated care system leaders.

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Thought Leadership

Clinical Technology: Short-Termism or the Golden Thread?

Numerous strategies and plans have referenced the imperative of embedding technology in healthcare.

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Thought Leadership

Developer Productivity: Should you be Using ReSharper with Visual Studio?

Given the amount of time that software developers spend writing code, the range and capabilities of the tools available to them should be carefully considered.

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Thought Leadership

Saving Local Authorities Time and Effort with Online Financial Assessments.

In recent years, the demand for local authorities to digitize the services they offer has grown substantially. The push for digitization has been driven by a variety of factors.

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Thought Leadership

How Trusts are Saving Thousands of Hours, Which Can Be Spent with Patients Instead.

One thing that clinicians want more of is time. Time with their patients. Time to do their job to the highest possible standard.

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Thought Leadership

Introduction to Developing Certified Software as a Medical Device.

This short video provides an introduction to medical device development – and aims to demystify the process.


Thought Leadership

Pioneering NHS Trusts Are Digitising Paper Prescribing at Pace. So, What’s Their Secret?

Guy Lucchi, Managing Director of Healthcare at System C, explains how Trusts are rolling out their electronic prescribing systems in record time with immediate benefits to patient care.


Thought Leadership

Care Reforms Postponed: Keep Calm and Carry On.

The much-anticipated care reforms due to take effect in October 2023 have been delayed by 2 years.


Thought Leadership

Preparing for the Care Reforms: Advice from a Software Supplier.

With the impending October 2023 care reforms set to bring about the biggest changes in a generation, our developers are working tirelessly to ensure that our software is ready – regardless of how many changes are made in government.

microservice architecture

Thought Leadership

Microservices Pipelines: What Technological and Architectural Approaches are Available?

Processing microservices data is a relatively new, but hotly discussed topic in the developer world.

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Thought Leadership

How Can I Get Into Coding?

To mark National Coding week in schools, some of the more recent joiners in our software team have shared their advice for pupils or students looking to learn programming languages.

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Thought Leadership

Virtual Wards Have Sparked a New Era for Remote Care – What Happens Next?

Virtual wards had been hovering in the background until Covid thrust them into the spotlight.

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Thought Leadership

Consent Focused Cookie Banners for PECR Compliant Websites.

Cookie banners are often resented by the public, but this is because they are frequently implemented poorly, either by ignorance or by design.

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Thought Leadership

The Penny has Finally Dropped on the Benefits of Remote Monitoring & Virtual Wards – But, What's Next?

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Thought Leadership

Metadata Management with Mauro Data Mapper.

Data has overtaken oil as the most valuable resource in the global economy, with veritable data megaliths such as Apple and Amazon ranked in the top 5 most powerful companies in the world.

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Thought Leadership

Playing a Part in Delivering the National Immunisation Management System in 90 Days.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated many digital health innovations. A remarkable example of this is the ground-breaking National Immunisation Management System (NIMS).

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Thought Leadership

EPRs Are in the Spotlight (again) – But ICSs Will Bring New Opportunities to the Table.

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Thought Leadership

How Can Digital Tools Help Local Authorities Prepare for the Social Care Reforms?

The planned October 2023 social care reforms are set to bring sweeping changes to the social care funding landscape through the introduction of a revised funding threshold and a care cap.

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Thought Leadership

Shifting the Dial on Inequality - How Data Will Help ICSs Support Those Most at Risk.

Health and care leaders joined forces to deliver a record-breaking vaccine programme prompting conversations around prevention and changes around the healthcare system.

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Thought Leadership

Supporting Digital Nursing Leadership.

How an interest in digital nursing led System C's Jacqueline Davis first to a career change and then to the launch of the Early Digital Healthcare Leadership Programme, in conjunction with the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

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