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Our Solutions.

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Home to School Travel.

Our Home to School Transport (HTST) software module manages the process of application, eligibility, service provision and subsequent reviews (including appeals and change of circumstances), and the option to record casework on any pupil as required.

In addition to this, our Education Case Management system incorporates functionality such as online applications and portals, provider/operator and staff management (including DBS records), route planning, way points, loading, outputs for drivers, complaints and incidents, passenger assistance and special requirements (for example, wheelchair/SEN), reimbursements and travel pass production.

Helps Keep Up-to-Date Records and Calculate Distances

The HTST team can be alerted to a change of enrolment and address to ensure they have up-to-date records, pick up points and destinations for their service users. Our Education Case Management system incorporates a GIS (Geographical Information System) module which can be linked up with Home to School Transport to calculate distances.

Key Benefits.

  • Parental applications are available through the portal including ad hoc requests e.g. moving house but same school
  • EYES incorporates an inbuilt GIS module

Key Components.


HTST module supports application, eligibility, service provisioning and subsequent reviews.

Multiple Views

Dashboards are available to support and view eligible children, service provisions and routes.


The HTST team are alerted when various aspects of a child's record are updated within other areas of the solution.