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Our Solutions.

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Provider Services.

Our MarketPlace solution helps people identify safe, high quality and affordable services through our powerful and domain-trained search engine. This unique engine allows our product to understand the difference between ‘home care’ and ‘care homes’, for example, as well as handling search concepts such as ‘care at home’. Our intelligent algorithm is tuned to highlight alternative ways of meeting client needs and to emphasise local voluntary and community services. MarketPlace is integrated with NHS Choices, CQC, Ofsted, as well as our own Adults' Social Care platform.  This solution is based on up-to-date information and is widely used across adults’ and children’s services.

Users can see at a glance:

  • Details of regional or national services with automatic links to Google maps 
  • Accreditation of services 
  • Links to related and alternative services 
  • Details of regional or national services 
  • Contact information 
  • CQC and Ofsted information, reports and ratings 
  • Service accreditation details and logos 
  • Automatic links to Google maps 
  • Links to related and alternative services  
  • Image gallery and document downloads 

MarketPlace has three primary modules called Directory, Brokerage and Care Finder which are designed for both members of the public and local authorities.

Our Directory module offers a more general overview of listings available to citizens about anything from social care needs to various community services.

Our Brokerage module pushes social care requests to providers to find the best match to a client’s needs. The module allows the council to describe the client’s care and support requirements, advertise them to the appropriate providers and have the providers select which clients they can help. The council can then select the best option for the client.

Lastly, our Care Finder module allows citizens to identify their social care requirements where providers are then able to reach out if they are a match for their needs. The citizen can then choose which provider they wish to move forward with.

Key Components.

Comprehensive Directory

MarketPlace is a highly customisable online resource that enables individuals to find services matching their needs. Providers can advertise their services and use our market intelligence to shape their offering.

Quality Assurance

To help people choose safe, high-quality services, MarketPlace provides links to CQC ratings and quality assessments performed by the council and displays feedback from existing service users.

Integration with ContrOCC

Integration between MarketPlace, Brokerage and ContrOCC allows for streamlined management of service and safeguarding information. Single sign-on is available across various web portals.