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About Us.

Our Customers.

Our customers are why we do what we do. Across healthcare, social care and education, there are many complex challenges and we hope that we play our part in supporting organisations overcome those challenges and make strides towards true digital transformation.

We want to work in partnership with our customers, and to support this we run an ongoing engagement programme to ensure customers have regular opportunities to discuss and debate key topics with us. This, of course, runs alongside our day to day interactions through our account management, services and support teams.

Our Ongoing Commitment

We run the following customer forums to ensure all our customers have a voice.

User Groups

We host user days for our customers, where they can meet members of our team and hear about product priorities, understand our technology direction and learn how other customers are using our software and the results they are able to achieve.

Customer Advisory Boards

We run advisory boards to support specific areas of development. This is our opportunity to get into the detail with our customers, offering customer input and expertise into roadmap discussions.

Clinical Engagement Groups

It's important for us to support forums where our clinicians and nurses can come together and discuss best practices, incoming legislation and the advancements they have been able to make within their respective trusts. We recognise it's not always about the software, and we feel it is our duty to support these discussions as they form a critical part of our customer's journey.

Practitioner Digital Engagement Groups

We will be introducing practitioner engagement groups in 2025, where we create an environment for our social care practitioners to come together and share their experiences.

For information on our upcoming forums, please visit our Events page.

Stay Up to Date

Working With Us

We make sure we are present on all relevant frameworks, so it's easy to do business with us. 

We are on the following frameworks:

  • Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF)
  • QE Facilities (Gateshead)
  • G-Cloud 13
  • London Procurement Partnership (LPP) Clinical and Digital Systems (CDS)
  • NHS Supply Chain Medical IT (Clinical Software Solutions)

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