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Our Solutions.


Care Settings.

Our unique position as a provider of software for both the healthcare and social care sectors enables the support of a comprehensive, tailored, birth-to-death record. This is further cemented by our provision of dedicated functions within healthcare settings and across traditional boundaries of care through Integrated Care functions. 

Components of our Electronic Patient Record (EPR) are re-used across each care setting to enable a unified user experience and provide capacity for information to be captured and re-used as desired. 

Within each care setting there is a spotlight on support-focused care. For example, our Maternity, Neonatal, Paediatrics, Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology solutions provide support for all aspects of care for women and children's health, from early pregnancy through to discharge. 

CareFlow also includes comprehensive admitted patient care functionality, outpatient functionality and an integrated, flexible Emergency Care solution within the EPR suite. 

Key Components.

Inpatient Functionality

Allows the user to admit and discharge patients or transfer between wards and specialties, and record when a patient is sent on home leave. 

Virtual Wards

Our Remote Monitoring and Virtual Wards solutions support integrated care systems to provide appropriate, targeted management of patients at home which, in turn, helps reduce demand on organisations across the care community. 


Our Theatres solution supports both Elective and Emergency pathways with full trauma support and pre-admission workflow support.


Our Pharmacy solution, designed in collaboration with clinical pharmacists, technicians and clinician users, provides a unique combination of advanced functionality with ease of use. From pharmacy dispensing solutions to modules producing aseptically prepared pharmacy products, the platform constitutes a complete pharmacy solution with all data captured and integrated in real-time.

Outpatients Functionality

Careflow Outpatients functionality can be configured to ensure appropriate resource utilisation with both e-referrals and manual referrals supported. Tailored views enable the administration and clinical management of care within an outpatient setting with integrated listing, prescribing, dictation and outcoming functions. 


National and local standards are at the core of the EPR. Adherence to statutory reporting requirements ensure that organisations can focus on service provision. Utilisation of structured terminology via SNOMED at the point of care further enables interoperability and flexibility.