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Our Solutions.


Education Case Management.

Our Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System Software (EYES) is a modular education management system that’s an integrated part of our Children’s Case Management system.

By securely connecting education, early years and social care records into a single platform, our Education Case Management system helps local authorities, schools and social practitioners make more informed decisions about children in need of support – improving the chances of early intervention and delivering more positive outcomes for children and young people across the UK.

Our time-saving education management software has been developed by experienced practitioners and can also be integrated with our Adults Case Management system to provide local authorities with a complete picture of the family.

Experts in Early Years and Education Management Software

We are the UK’s fastest growing supplier of social care and education management software. Our integrated Children’s Case Management system and EYES software module are already helping 18+ local authorities to manage and improve their services by breaking down barriers and upgrading their workflow.

Social care practitioners are directly involved in every step of the design and development of social care solutions. Many of our team are qualified social workers from Adults and Children's services or have previously worked in the sectors that we serve.

EYES Software Modules

Our Education Case Management software is built on a modern, powerful, intuitive, secure and continually updated platform.

This solution can be integrated with other third-party systems. The modular system means the platform is flexible and unique to every user. Simply choose the education management modules that are best suited to your needs – from admissions and attendance profiling to SEN support, Virtual School and Free School Meal applications.

Why Choose our Education Case Management System?

Benefits for Local Authorities

  • Better Visibility: Consolidating data records ensures better visibility, so local authorities can provide faster and more accurate support to those who need it.
  • Effective Data Management: Having one centralised platform makes it easy to effectively manage data security and compliance across teams.
  • Improve Efficiency: Our system helps save time and money, delivering a strong ROI.

Benefits for Practitioners

  • Faster Decisions: Intuitive and easy to use, practitioners can make faster decisions when they have all the information they need right at their fingertips.
  • Shared Data: This means less hours spent typing up repetitive information and more time to spend on safeguarding children and supporting families.
  • Improved Communication: Better comms between health, education and social care professionals means teams can deliver a better and more targeted service.

Benefits for Families

  • Access to Information: Our system helps improve the flow of information between parents and schools, saving time and frustration.
  • Easy Access to Services: Vulnerable families can easily access key services, such as Free School Meals, Home to School Transport and EHCP & SEN support.
  • Closer Interaction: Allows for better interaction between families, schools and practitioners, which helps deliver better outcomes for children and young people.

"Liquidlogic has worked well with the team here to make sure that our go-live was to plan and on budget. A second phase recently saw Rochdale take additional EYES modules live including Early Years, Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP) and Groupwork."

Scott Moseley, Rochdale Borough Council