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Our Solutions.


Complex Data Management - Data Warehousing.

At System C we understand the challenges involved in grappling with a huge amount of data. Harnessing your data in a meaningful way can unlock many efficiencies for your business. System C can help you to better manage your data and drive powerful insights.

We have experience in working with complex datasets.

What we offer:

  • Enabling users to query the datasets and generate value from existing data sources.
  • Cleaning, validating and curating large and complex datasets.
  • Building or expanding large data warehouses.
  • Creating pseudonymised or anonymised data products

Pipeline Process

Our comprehensive pipeline process ensures that a warehouse is set up efficiently.
Our in-depth data warehouse discovery stage and our ability to ingest complex data sources can help you manage even the most complex datasets.

Metadata Management

We are also able to assist with metadata management, providing crucial contextual information about stored data, such as the collection method, or the data source.

Having a system to correctly label and store data means that data will also be more transferable and valuable in the future.

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If you are interested in speaking to a member of our team about how we can help your business, then please get in touch via our contact form.

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Case Study: Sport England

Building the Active Lives website, which showcases Sport England’s sports participation survey data.

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Collaborating with the Clinical Informatics Group at the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute (BDI) to create a platform for bespoke metadata catalogues.

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