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Our Solutions.



Designed in collaboration with clinical pharmacists, technicians and clinician users, our Pharmacy solution provides a unique combination of advanced functionality with ease of use. From pharmacy dispensing solutions to modules producing aseptically prepared pharmacy products, the platform constitutes a complete pharmacy solution with all data captured and integrated in real-time.

Expand the Power of CareFlow Pharmacy Software System


MedTrac logistics system ensures full real-time visibility of your pharmacy stock in every storage area in the hospital. Handheld scanning tool gives you hospital wide tracking.


PharmaTrac is a bedside scanning solution designed to ensure patient safety through the validation of medication administration.

Key Benefits.

  • Quality: Offering a hospital-wide pharmacy management system that can scale to regional deployment, CMM is fully ISO9001 and ISO27001 compliant 
  • Safety: Continuously assure patient safety, pharmacy product quality and regulatory compliance 
  • Efficiency: Designed by pharmacists for pharmacists, CareFlow Pharmacy is the most comprehensive pharmacy administration and management product on the market 

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Key Components.

Pharmacy Dispensing and Labelling

Comprehensive functionality to support pharmacy dispensing and the labelling of medicines to patients. 

Pharmacy Procurement

Supporting pharmacy procurement including order and delivery processing, invoicing and credit handling. 

Aseptic Production for Pharmacies

Provides a module to produce aseptically prepared products for pharmacies such as CIVAS and chemotherapy with integrated stock control. 

Pharmacy Stock for Wards

Module to facilitate the supply of pharmacy goods to wards against agreed stock lists. 

Manufacturing and Trading

Supports the bulk production of pharmacy medicines and subsequent sales to external customers. 

Pharmacy Automation

Medicines management is integrated with a variety of commercial pharmacy automation equipment, to support various pharmacy workflows, including dispensing, ward stock supply and goods receipt. 

Pharmacy Finance

Medicines management offers three outputs to pharmacy finance departments. Accounts payable, accounts receivable and to the general ledger for issues. 

Pharmacy Reporting

Comprehensive pharmacy reporting functionality, including over 50 standard reports and open access to the data to allow local reports to be compiled using standard industry tools such as SAP Crystal Reports. 

CD Manager Integration

CD manager is a comprehensive controlled drug management platform. It is designed for use by the NHS and healthcare staff throughout all areas within hospitals where controlled drugs are stored, including pharmacy, wards and theatres.