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About us

Who we are

At System C, we work in partnership with health and social care providers to deliver integrated, innovative and user-friendly IT solutions to transform the quality and efficiency of patient care across whole communities.

We are proud to provide our digital blueprint of market-leading solutions including CareFlow Electronic Patient Record, Liquidlogic social care software, CarePlus child health information system and CareCentric shared records and population health.

As a British company with 36 years of experience, we are dedicated to supporting care in the UK and enabling our partners to achieve their digital strategies.

graphnetSystem C & Graphnet Care Alliance

System C and Graphnet together form the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, a strategic alliance providing integrated IT solutions to the UK health and social care market. 

Together we are:

With over 350,000 users across the Care Alliance, we specialise in providing health and social care solutions that allow for the integration of services across whole care communities. We do this by linking information from multiple systems, integrating workflows between care settings and supporting multi-provider reporting & analysis.

Our solutions use leading-edge technologies - including mobile, wearables, instant messaging and machine learning - to radically redesign services and the way clinicians and patients interact together.

2NHS Long Term Plan 

Our solutions address all aspects of the government’s transformation agenda as outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan. Our focus is on supporting:

We are working with UH Bristol NHS Foundation Trust as part of NHS England’s Global Digital Exemplar programme and Thames Valley and Surrey as part of the Local Health and Care Record Exemplar programme. Together we have developed an approved blueprint for digital excellence that is available to NHS Trusts and care communities.