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Unified child health information system set for the South West

24th July 2018

System C has been awarded a contract to integrate 708,000 child health records and provide a single child health system in the South West.

The project follows an NHS England South procurement run in 2017. The procurement was won by Health Intelligence with System C as its IT partner. System C’s CarePlus solution is due to go-live across South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, Devon, Torbay, Plymouth and Cornwall by September.

The go-live will involve combining records and services across five CCGs, nine local authorities, ten acute hospitals and 376 general practices, delivering a unified child health information service.

Having a single solution running from South Gloucestershire to Cornwall will make it easier and safer for key professionals to maintain active and accurate child records, including tracking children who move from locality to locality. The software will also be used to understand the health status of individual children and populations, and to check which children have had their required immunisations and interventions.

CarePlus records key information such as immunisations and vaccinations from birth to 19 years, and allows clinicians and administrators to track children through their pre-school and school years as well as supporting specialist groups such as Sure Start. It has a comprehensive range of fully-integrated modules, supporting the Healthy Child Programme (HCP).

This is a complex solution which integrates with many other systems and services including schools, maternity providers, blood spot screening laboratories, health visitor teams and newborn hearing programme providers.

The procurement called for a solution that was compliant with the national framework and specification for child health information systems issued by the Department of Health and CarePlus is 97% compliant with that specification.

James Bolt, head of public health commissioning, NHS England – South West, said adopting a single child health information service would be a huge step for joined up health and care services in the South West.

Health professionals will be able to manage queries about the health status of individual child and populations much more efficiently and effectively via a single system. The result will be safer and more joined up care.

John Grayland, head of child health services, Health Intelligence, said:

We are very excited to have been chosen to provide the Child Health Information Service in the South West of England. We will be responsible for approx. 708,000 children and have chosen CarePlus as the best software to enable us to run an effective service.

System C has already completed large scale projects for the South Central, West Midlands, Greater Manchester areas and for Greater London and this latest contract will increase the number of children managed by CarePlus to 5.4 million.

Markus Bolton, joint chief executive of System C, added:

We are very pleased to see multiple small child health systems replaced by these large footprint solutions in this way, because they are safer and users can manage children’s records much more efficiently. This is the fourth major CHIS contract we have won in two years and our software and deployment methodology improves with each additional project. We are looking forward to working with our partners in the South West.