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System C welcomes national debate on integrated care

13th September 2011

System C welcomes news that the Government has appointed the Future Forum to take forward the national debate on the scope for integrating care both within the NHS and across health and social care.

The Future Forum – a group of health experts set up to hold the listening exercise on the Government’s plans to modernise the NHS – last week started consulting clinicians and patients on the integration of care and on the use of information.

“System C and McKesson are engaged in a massive drive to deliver integrated services across health and social care, providing detailed patient-level information for care professionals and for patients themselves”, said Dr Ian Denley, senior vice president of System C, a subsidiary of McKesson Corporation.

Together, System C and McKesson UK have a unique breadth of product offering in the health and social care market, including the Medway range of hospital systems, Liquidlogic social care solutions and CarePlus Child Health. System C is also one of the pioneers of the interoperability initiative using the Department of Health Interoperability Toolkit (ITK).

“In our contacts with customers, we have seen many instances of innovative thinking in this area. A national debate on integration, and the pooling of experience to date, will help clarify and accelerate the process of integration”, Dr Denley added.

The drive to achieve care integration at System C and McKesson is directed at the following major areas:

"Our goal is to give the NHS access to IT and robust patient-level information so carers can work effectively across boundaries”, Dr Denley said. "This is where we can hope to achieve significant improvements in the patient experience and patient outcomes."