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Knowledge Hub.


Case Studies

Keeping it Clean

The new ContrOCC Remote Financial Assessments app. Designed for financial assessment officers and social workers, ContrOCC Remote enables the user to manage appointments, record details of clients’ income and expenditure, assess eligibility for benefits wherever they are.


Case Studies

Virtual Assay

ESPRC Impact Acceleration funding awarded to Oxford University enabled their researchers to begin commercialisation of software for predicting adverse heart complications in early stage drug candidates. They turned to OCC to transform their early stage software into a package for today’s user expectations.


Case Studies

Recharging External Organisations for Social Care

Austen Cook, Gloucestershire County Council spoke to us about their experience of using OCC’s organisational recharging module.


Case Studies

Medical Device Software in the Cloud

It is forecasted that the global market for cloud based medical device software will reach £3.3 billion by 2024, compared to £1.5 billion in 2018. This growth is primarily driven by an increase in wearable hardware, along with the desire to reduce overheads associated with processing test results.

Cloud solutions offer companies access to the latest hardware and software at very little cost and effort. Furthermore, despite common misconceptions, cloud-based solutions offer better data security and data encryption as providers are constantly upgrading their systems. It can be difficult for smaller companies hosting their own services to manage this process.

To help transition their products and services onto the cloud, many businesses turn to software development companies such as OCC. Businesses may have the ability to code the functions that define their own IP, but not the specialised code required for each cloud host. Utilising OCC’s expertise in developing cloud based medical devices, making a switch can be both time and cost-effective.


Case Studies

Monitoring Care Using the ContrOCC Visits Module

Our Visits module enables providers with electronic call monitoring systems (ECMS) to submit their care data directly to ContrOCC and better monitor carer visits to clients. The visit data is automatically assigned to the most appropriate care package and is used to make payments to providers and to charge clients.

We spoke to William Whittingham, from the Liverpool City Council Adult Services Team about the council’s experience of using the Visits module, which was implemented a few years ago.


Case Studies

The Story of TraCer

The Story of TraCer OCC has played a key role in an innovative project to use artificial intelligence to accurately date pregnancies in countries where larger scale ultrasound scanning equipment is unavailable. TraCer is a small ultrasound device that has been combined with a tablet and probe. Software on the tablet makes it simple for a non-expert to carry out pregnancy scans. OCC played a key role in ensuring that the user interface was as straightforward as possible.


Case Studies

How a UX Design Review Can Boost Online Products

As businesses overwhelmingly move products and services online, the digital marketplace is more competitive than ever. Combining aesthetically pleasing website design with a clear and functional web interface is important for businesses in the digital sphere. Interfaces should provide a seamless and smooth user experience for the end-user. As with any product, software must be regularly updated, and changing customer requirements will necessitate the introduction of new or improved product features.

Capture buried

Case Studies

Software Modelling of Buried Cables

Predicting the thermal stress on high-voltage buried cables is crucial to the running of the national electricity network.

Capture glasses

Case Studies

Virtual Reality Glasses as Walking Aid

In response to certain visual cues, some Parkinson’s disease patients experience ‘kinesia paradoxa’ – a sudden disappearance of the major symptoms, greatly increased mobility and a subjective feeling of well-being.


Case Studies

Offline Mapping for National Grid Investment Options

All gas in the UK passes through National Grid’s high-pressure transmission system on its way to customers.

System-Image-small OCC 1

Case Studies

Assisting Infinitesima with the Development of Their ‘Metron3D’ Metrology System

We used our expertise in hardware integration and modifying the code of existing products to assist Infinitesima with the development of their ‘Metron 3D’ control software.

comp map

Case Studies

Sport England Interactive Web-Based Tool

Sport England selected OCC to develop an interactive web tool to help those delivering sport better understand their markets.

comps 3

Case Studies

Classifying Information in the Emergency Services

As part of the EU REACT research project, OCC developed new technical solutions to assist emergency services operators in the command and control room.


Case Studies


It owns and operates the high-voltage electricity transmission system that carries power from generators to local distributors across England and Wales. It also owns and operates transmission links to Scotland and France and plays a vital role in enabling the wholesale trade of electricity on behalf of the electricity market.

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Case Studies

Maintaining Live Power Lines

As part of its ongoing commitment to asset management, National Grid is re-establishing live-line working – working on overhead power lines while they are still charged to hundreds of kilovolts.


Case Studies


An EU project to provide personalised rehabilitation via telemedicine for the major motor impairments caused by Parkinson’s disease.


Case Studies

Using Software to Manage Appointeeship and Deputyship Clients in Kingston and Sutton

OCC’s Financial Protection software enables councils, solicitors and health trusts to efficiently manage their appointeeship and deputyship clients.


Case Studies

Energy Rating of Overhead Power Lines

OCC has been providing software to National Grid since 1999 and has built up expertise in modelling the capability of critical components in the network to take electrical load.


Case Studies

Delivering Medical Device Software Solutions with Microbira

We worked alongside Microbira to successfully deliver an enhanced web application of their existing researcher toolkit.


Case Studies

Drupal Site for IMS Health

IMS Health is the leading supplier of information, services and technology to the healthcare industry around the globe. They turned to OCC to give their web site a unique style based on original designs.

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