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Knowledge Hub.

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Case Studies

How Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust rolled out its EPMA system in 80 days

Bristol Hospital

Case Studies

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC) Improves patient safety through digital transformation, Removing Paper and Halving Triage Time

Pioneering use of System C’s CareFlow Clinical Noting function has enabled BRHC’s busy paediatric Emergency Department (ED) to reduce reliance on paper forms. These electronic processes have halved the time it takes to triage patients, ensuring care is directed rapidly at the sickest children.


Case Studies

The Power of Portals at Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council talk about their experience with Portals and how it's transformed ways of working.


Case Studies

Early Years: In Safe Hands with Liquidlogic

Bristol City Council discuss their implementation of the Liquidlogic Early Years module.


Case Studies

LIFT Off with Liquidlogic Finance @ Northumberland Council

Northumberland County Council discuss how they implemented Liquidlogic Integrated Finance Technology on time.

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Case Studies

Barnsley Hospital’s Maternity team use CareFlow Connect to support safeguarding


Case Studies

Contextual Safeguarding at Kent County Council

Kent County Council discuss their experiences as a pilot site in implementing Contextual Safeguarding.


Case Studies

Health & Social Care Integration @ Sefton Borough Council

Sefton Borough Council talk about teams accessing GP records in EMIS Health via the MIG


Case Studies

An Online Portal for Foster Carers at Kent County Council

OCC offer an online children’s provider portal which enables a local authority to exchange information quickly and securely with Carers/Providers. This might be information about a child, finances and/or the care package.


Case Studies

A New Dawn in Children’s & Education Services @ Knowsley Council

Knowsley Council implements EYES on time and budget during Covid.

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Case Studies

University Hospitals of Derby & Burton NHS Foundation Trust use CareFlow Pharmacy to free up beds and Save Thousands of Hours of Staff Time

The pharmacy team at the University of Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust have been using CareFlow Pharmacy, a hospital-wide pharmacy management system, for almost 30 years


Case Studies

A Joined-Up View at Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council outline their cohesive approach by working from one platform.


Case Studies

ContrOCC Health Check at Milton Keynes Council: A Local Authority Viewpoint

Health checks are a chance to have a full system run-through with our expert consultants to ensure that the software is being used to its full potential and fits with your business needs. ContrOCC’s core functionality allows local authorities to manage care contracts, to model budget impacts and committed spend in real-time and to streamline payment and charging processes. Efficiencies can become diluted over time through loss of staff, expertise, or because procedures no longer align with system configuration. Inaccuracies in financial and commissioning records can prove expensive.

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Case Studies

Improving the Efficiency of Tissue Viability Services

Lead Nurse, Debbie Wickens discusses the reduced time her colleagues needed to spend in the office and the increasing the amount of time they could spend on the wards. By doing this referrals were changed in the way they were being handled.

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Case Studies

Sheffield Children’s Transforms Communication Between Teams with CareFlow Connect

Lead Nurse, Julia Antcliffe of, Sheffield Children’s hospital led a new project to spearhead the use of CareFlow Connect through mobile clinical communications providing a safer care co-ordination for clinical teams.


Case Studies

One Platform @ Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Rochdale Council discuss Liquidlogic EYES and the efficiencies it brings.

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Case Studies

How the Pharmacy Team is Using CareFlow Connect to Break Down Barriers at University Hospitals Bristol & Weston

Streamlining workflow and communications across care teams to improve the patient experience.

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Case Studies

Chesterfield Royal is Using Software to Facilitate Positive, Sustainable Change

Support and training is vital if your staff are to see the value of new software and commit to embedding and sustaining the necessary changes in practice.


Case Studies

ContrOCC Health Check at Cheshire East Council

A local authority viewpoint
Lee Hudson, Service Manager for Adult Social Care and Health (part of Business Support and Finance) at Cheshire East Council, spoke to us about the Council’s experience of a ContrOCC Health Check.


Case Studies

Managing Social Care Finance in Manchester with ContrOCC

We recently spoke to Steve Power (Service Manager, Financial Management - Children and Families) about how implementing OCC’s ContrOCC social care finance software has made a positive impact on the team at Manchester City Council.

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