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Knowledge Hub.

Education Management Systems Software.

14th June 2022

What is Education Management Software?

Education management software supports schools and local authorities to record and share vital information on each child in their care. Joined-up data between the two supports children’s social care teams within a council to have full transparency of children within an educational setting.

A broad range of information is captured including attendance data, home to school transport details, free school meals and more.

How Can Education Management System Software Help?

The Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System (EYES) helps schools and local authorities save time and see the bigger picture of a child or young person. Relevant information relating to a child or young person (including social care data where appropriate) supports sound and informed decision making. Previously manual tasks are replaced with automated data feeds, removing any need for rekeying of data, making data mistakes a thing of the past and saving valuable time.

Time saving, data accuracy and the provision of a joined-up view supports schools and local authorities to focus on the children in their care, ultimately providing positive outcomes for children and families.

How Our Early Years Education System Can Help

The Liquidlogic education management system helps schools and local authorities to record and share accurate information in real-time on all children within an education setting. Our education management software consolidates the record for a child and family onto one platform which brings all elements of education management together alongside social care and early help to support joined up working and enabling more effective management of data security.

Our early years management software provides a graphical overview of child and family and helps users to easily identify relationships, significant events, recent communications, and changes to data. Data is re-used across the platform to reduce re-keying and free up practitioner time.

Data migration from legacy education management systems plays a crucial role in any successful education management system go live. Liquidlogic’s approach to data migration is tried and tested, with the team being credited as “organised, focussed and meticulous.”

Constantly evolving to meet the needs of local authorities and schools, the Liquidlogic education management system is cutting-edge, integrated and breaks down barriers between professionals, delivering service improvements and financial savings.

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