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Knowledge Hub.

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A New Chapter

Today we are proud to mark the next chapter of our journey by introducing a brand-new look for System C. This is a major milestone in our history as the only British software provider focusing on the healthcare, social care and education markets.

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Enhancing Bed Capacity and Patient Flow Through the Power of Data

In this blog, Dr Jonathan Bloor, Medical Director at System C, gives his opinion on what the trusts targeted for the investment should consider.



Hospital Social Workers: Their Role and Challenges

We will outline the role of social workers in hospital settings, dive further into the unique challenges they face, and explore how commissioners and integrated healthcare teams can address these issues to support hospital social workers, healthcare professionals and – most of all – their patients.



Discharge Planning and Community Resources

We look at how community resources can be used in discharge planning, the role social workers and care teams have in the movement of patients into safe and secure accommodation, and how technology can – and should – be a blessing, not a burden.

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Absences From Schools In The UK – The Key Statistics For 2023

This guide outlines the key statistics behind school absences and reveals the solutions being put in place to tackle it. Our experts also explain how embracing new technology for social care is key to avoid children falling off the radar.



Professional identity of social work: What is it and why is it important?

What is the professional identity of a social worker, why is important and how can you influence it? Find out in our in-depth article



How Councils Can Unlock Efficiencies in Adult Social Care on Back of Progress Implementing Care Cap

Many of the underlying challenges that were planned to be addressed to support care reform persist today, and it is possible for local authorities to improve efficiencies and realise time savings in these areas sooner rather than later.



Bringing Education Data into Social care

Children missing from education is a key issue faced by some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the country. Angela Robertson discusses how our joined-up solution can help tackle this.



Personal Education Plans – The Digital Solution

In the digital age, where we strive for greater integration, security and efficiency, local authorities are increasingly turning to technology solutions to manage PEPs for several compelling reasons.



Education Management Systems Software

What is Education Management Systems Software and how can our platform be used to help local authorities and schools improve data collection and sharing?



International Women's Day 2022

Read about some of the amazing women working at Liquidlogic.



Where are our children? Joined up education management systems are a crucial part of tracking down and supporting the missing.

Dame Rachel de Souza, the Children’s Commissioner for England has announced that an inquiry is to be conducted into the number of children of school age that are missing from education.



Community Care - Joining the health & social care dots with data

Examining how data can bring health and social care teams together in Integrated Care Systems (ICS).



Will the Health & Social Care Levy Hit the Mark?

Chris Sweeney, Adult Social Care Lead at Liquidlogic looks at the Government's proposed measures to tackle the health and social care crisis.



Is the Future Here Already, But Just Not Evenly Distributed?

Covid-19 may have put the brakes on organisational progress this year. However, the national response to the pandemic has also thrown into sharp relief structural and funding problems in the health and care system, and this may yet serve to accelerate action.



Contextual Safeguarding: Towards a solution for case management systems

Ida Cohen, our Senior Consultant Social Worker, explores the potential benefits of delivering case management functionality to support Contextual Safeguarding interventions



Virtual Learning

Protecting Staff Safety and Supporting Productivity in Social Care



Return of the Roundheads

Finding the joy amongst stockpiled Baked Beans and toilet roll.



The Shock of the Old

Gaudi and software design have more in common than at first meets the eye.



The Similarities Between Social Work and Piri Piri Chicken

What can we learn from the mystery shopping model, and how does it apply to our social care metrics?

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