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Our Solutions.

Don't settle for average.

One of the key differences between CareFlow Pharmacy and many of its rival solutions is the way it calculates stockholding.

Many other pharmacy stock control solutions on the market use an average pricing model, calculating the value of stock held based on the average price paid for items.

CareFlow Pharmacy, however, calculates the value of stock held using the actual price paid for each item in stock.

In addition, CareFlow Pharmacy re-orders medication based on parameters it sets and adjusts depending on needs put through by clinicians. This prevents over-ordering, subsequently reducing waste through expired medication and lowering the potential risk of medication on the shelves.

We estimate that by switching to our solution, NHS organisations could save up to 10-15% of their annual drugs budget* by reducing wastage, and with as much as £9.45 billion worth of drugs issued in hospitals annually**, why settle for average?

How much could your organisation save by switching to CareFlow Pharmacy? Select your drugs budget on the slider below to find out!



* Estimated saving compared to using systems which use an average pricing model and dependent on optimum implementation, configuration, use and process.
** Source - Prescribing Costs in Hospitals and the Community - England 2018/19 to 2022/23

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