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Care co-ordination

Care co-ordination

Connect is a secure and mobile clinical communications and collaboration system designed to facilitate faster and safer care co-ordination for clinical teams within a hospital and across a care community. It provides encrypted mobile and web-based messaging within and between teams and directly between individuals. 

Connect optimises key clinical workflows through a range of features which are configurable depending on an organisation’s needs.

All clinical staff have traditionally had to rely on the telephone, and inevitably the pager, to have this sort of communication. This could take anything from a few minutes to several hours. Now we can do it at the touch of a button, and the whole process is transparent. Everyone in the team can see the message, see when it has been actioned, and join any follow up conversations. It really is transformational.

Dr Michael Bedford, clinical IT lead andrenal consultant at East Kent Hospitals 

Key components

Patient identified messaging

Provides encrypted mobile and web-based messaging and integrates with the patient record to allow secure patient identified messaging. Patient identified messages can be viewed together to create a single patient communication record. It also enables secure picture, video and file sharing.

Real-time patient alert notifications

Pushes data in real time to subscribers’ mobile devices, tracks receipt and allows clinicians to instantly respond in order to coordinate care. Teams are able to build subscriptions to follow specific cohorts of patients for specific events they want to know about.

User directory

Provides a full user directory displaying photo, name, role and duty status and providing communication access through CareFlow messaging or direct phone call.

Shared patient lists

Enables teams to create and manage shared patient lists. Smart lists are configured by users to be automatically populated based on data such as Ward or Consultant. Additional features include pinnable patients, clinical tagging, handover and filters. 


Enables all patient handover notes to be captured electronically. Handover notes are standardised and instantly available to all relevant team members. All entries are logged with a user and date/time stamped to create a robust audit trail. When patients move between teams, the handover notes move with them.

Clinical tagging

Enables specific information to be quickly added against a patient that then allows the patient list and handover list to be filtered against a useful tag. Teams also use them as a way of tracking the status of a patient or flagging up outstanding issues to the team.


Task management

Provides a team based approach to task management that not only addresses the needs of hospital-at-night (H@N) but can be used for all types of clinical teams 24/7.


Specialty opinion/referrals

Allows different clinical teams to request input regarding patient care and makes the transfer of care process continuously transparent to both teams. Workflow is included to handle accept and decline status of the opinion/referral and a structured SBAR format for the referral is included.


Our other offerings

System C Icon_E-Obs-vital signs


Monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs to identify deteriorating conditions and provide risk scores to trigger the need for further necessary care.  

System C Icon_Clinical Noting

Clinical Narrative

Supports clinicians by capturing and sharing information in real-time with colleagues, rather than relying on information traditionally held in paper notes and charts. 


Clinical Workspace

Displays a set of priority patient information in one location, helping clinicians to view and act accordingly using one single tool. 

System C Icon_ePMA


Supports accurate and safer prescribing through predefined prescription templates, drug decision support, alerts and pharmacy prescription validation. 

System C Icon_PAS (patient administration system) (1)


A modern and flexible solution designed exclusively for the NHS. It combines advanced patient management with extended clinical functionality and workflow. 

System C Icon_Patient Flow

Patient Flow

Helps a hospital better manage its patient journeys from pre-admission through to discharge by providing an accurate, real-time picture of capacity and needs. 

System C Icon_Orders _ results

Orders & Results

Offers an efficient and safe mechanism for electronically ordering and receiving results. 

System C Icon_Emergency department

Emergency Department

Manages all clinical and administrative aspects of emergency care including full workflow support between ED and the wider acute hospital. 

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