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Our Solutions.

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Free School Meals.

We have incorporated the Free School Meals Eligibility Checking Service (ECS) into our Education Case Management systems' Free School Meal (FSM) functionality. Parents can apply online to find out if they are eligible and will be notified as their application status updates within the case management system.

Easy, Flexible System

The process is extremely flexible and applications which do not qualify can be manually overridden for further checks or decisions where required. Once eligibility is confirmed and finalised, the status is flagged on the student record and the online application and results are returned to the school via the Establishment Portal. Customers can also choose to have the ECS run regularly to identify and flag those no longer eligible. 

Key Components.

Flexible Applications

Applications can be made through the portal by the parent or on their behalf by the school. In addition, children can be added to existing applications by parents or the LA. 


The solution automates the processing of applications with eligibility checks carried out through the ECS integration.

Simplified View

Schools can view a list of FSM eligible children who attend their school through the portal.