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Our Solutions.

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Admissions & Appeals.

Management of phased school admissions, in-year transfers, appeals and fair access protocols can be complex and time-consuming. Our Admissions & Appeals module provides a standardised application process, a simplified ‘back office’ suite of tools and a wide range of features to optimise flexibility and cater for all requirements.

Our education Admissions & Appeals package includes:

  • Parent & school portals (including a two-way flow of information and the ability to upload documentation)
  • Expected Transfers (including schools accessing individual data via the portal, allowing them to view applications made by their transferring students and allocations later in the year)
  • Online & manual applications (including in-year transfers, deferments, delayed starts and multiple births)
  • Allocations (automated bulk and manual processing)
  • ‘Find Places’ Tool, to identify schools with in-year places
  • Placement planning (including Published Admission Numbers)
  • Criteria sets and reasons for preference, sibling rules and distance calculations
  • Admissions dashboards (to monitor applications and place availability)
  • Co-ordinated admissions (and production of standardised files)
  • Ranking online (for own admission authorities)
  • National offer day (emails, portal and batch letters)
  • BCC emails to the Admissions Team
  • Waiting lists
  • Appeals, hearings and Fair Access Protocols (FAP)
  • GIS
  • Ability to configure walking, driving and safe walking routes
  • View routes on maps
  • View the closest schools to a child
  • View the route to the school on a map
  • Interactive maps to enable users to activate options as required

Customers who use the Children’s Case Management system have automatic confirmation of children in the admissions rounds who have a recorded EHC Plan or CLA status, allowing the admissions service to verify or view related information from within the admissions screen. These customers will also be able to include children with a record in LCS or EHM in their Expected Transfers, where they may not otherwise have known about them when writing to parents inviting them to apply.

Admissions can involve a significant amount of manual processing. Our aim is to help reduce this by including functionality that takes the strain off admissions officers.

Key Benefits.

  • Easy to apply for multiple births without the need to re-enter information
  • Automates the generation of communications
  • Automatic confirmation of criteria such as CLA status, EHC Plans and siblings at school, based upon data held across our social care applications
  • Auto Allocation of Offers

Key Components.


Triggers when a student does not attend their first day at a new school.

Duplicate Checks

Checks for duplicate applications when applications are submitted online from the same portal account.

Supportive Dashboards

Dashboards to support tracking of expected admissions, applications, place availability and so on.