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Our Solutions.


Clinical Enablement.

Our Electronic Patient Record, CareFlow EPR, enables NHS Trusts to achieve HIMSS Level 7 digital maturity by fully transforming end-to-end clinical pathways and replacing all paper processes. Best in class clinical capabilities of our EPR include electronic observations, electronic prescribing and medicines administration, clinical noting, order communications, theatres, intensive care, maternity, paediatrics and mobile care coordination.

CareFlow supports real time sharing of data to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of care for patients. It allows easy capture of data and decision support at the point of care, through modern web and mobile apps, including support for both iOS and Android devices. It improves patient flow through real-time, interactive whiteboards, task management and mobile push messaging. Key clinical data entered, advisories and results are immediately surfaced up across the EPR and mobile apps and order comms includes comprehensive results acknowledgement workflow and rules-based worklists.

The system saves clinicians time by ensuring data is only entered once, enabling information to be pulled through automatically into subsequent forms and assessments, including future episodes of care. Furthermore, information such as results, observations and medications can easily be cited within clinical notes and assessments can be reused and embedded within larger forms to avoid duplication. CareFlow EPR enables clinical multi-tasking by allowing one-click opening of multiple windows at once, applying single sign-on and patient-context for third party applications.

Our forms designer allows Trusts to easily iterate on assessment design and workflow and allows rules-based logic and calculations to be applied. We also provide a “gold build” of standardised content and configuration to accelerate digital maturity programmes.

We have been ground-breaking in providing clinically led, intuitive nursing mobile solutions and team-based communication and handover of care. Our EPMA user interface has been designed using eye-tracking technology and iterative clinical feedback, to ensure optimal user experience. CareFlow supports interactive charts and graphs for fast visualisation of clinical information and our EPR-wide task management supports web and mobile working as well as event-driven and automated generation of task sets to support care bundles and care plan initiation.

All data captured within the EPR is available through our data warehousing solution, providing unlimited opportunities for audit, research, business intelligence and clinical governance.

CareFlow also supports patient pathways across Integrated Care Systems, through the sharing of data and via features that enable collaboration and coordination across organisational boundaries. Our cloud and mobile technologies enable new ways of working, including virtual wards and remote care coordination.

Key Benefits.

  • Best in class electronic observations, electronic prescriptions and medicines administration, clinical noting, order communications, theatres, intensive care, maternity, paediatrics and mobile care coordination
  • Mobile working (iOS, Android)
  • Real-time patient flow
  • Event-driven task management
  • Team based smart lists and handover
  • Cross organisation team communication and referrals
  • Closed loop medications, blood, milk and laboratory orders
  • Results acknowledgement
  • Integrated EPMA and Pharmacy systems
  • No-code, self-managed forms designer
  • Clinical data warehouse
  • Unified View to share patient data across EPRs

Key Components.

Electronic Observations (e-Obs)

Our e-Obs functionality incorporates clinical decision support and is designed to improve patient safety and outcomes. CareFlow calculates Early Warning Scores (EWS) based on national standards or customer algorithms. Monitoring and analysing patient observations, it identifies deteriorating conditions, providing risk scores to trigger escalation pathways.

Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA)

CareFlow’s EPMA functionality is seamlessly integrated with CareFlow Pharmacy, providing a bi-directional workflow for closed loop medicine supply. This allows dispensing without manual transcription of supply requests. It supports adults, paediatrics, inpatients, outpatients, homecare, clinical trials, private and NHS patients. It uses barcodes to scan patient wristbands and medicines, confirming the five rights of administration. CareFlow Pharmacy integrates with all automation vendors for issuing, labelling and receipt of medicines.

Order Communications and Results Reporting

Our Order Communications and Results Reporting functionality supports the electronic ordering of tests, examinations and services, and can interface with any Health Level Seven (HL7) compliant departmental system. Order catalogues can be configured for all disciplines/modalities and service orders.

Clinical Noting

Our Clinical Noting capability is unique in empowering our customers to fully design and develop their own data capture forms, without needing technically trained staff. Benefits to users include the ability to capture data that is reused across the EPR, ensure that data is coded (SNOMEDCT and custom data dictionaries), pull existing data into forms to support clinical citation, prepopulate forms from previously entered data to save clinicians re-entering information, embed forms within forms so that single templates can be used across multiple workflows and thus standardising care, a powerful rules and validation capability to build complex workflows and decision support within forms and integrated task management linked to the rest of the EPR.

Care Co-ordination

Our care co-ordination app is designed to facilitate faster and safer care co-ordination for clinical teams within a hospital and across a care community. It enables structured, patient identified workflow and conversations between care teams that form an integral part of the patient record. Key features include real-time patient alert notifications, handover, team-based patient smart lists, task management, specialty opinion/referrals and mobile picture sharing. The ‘affiliated networks’ feature offers team-to-team communication organisational boundaries, enabling collaboration across shared care and social care systems.


BadgerNet is a fully paperless early pregnancy, gynaecology and maternity system which follows the whole course of a woman’s care and/or pregnancy. As a centrally hosted solution, it links with all BadgerNet Maternity and Neonatal sites across the UK, so units can be assured of having critical information where and when it is needed. Units can also opt in to joining a single pregnancy record in their region. The solution also boasts multiscreen CTG view for handover and planning, PHR portals so women can access and interact with their notes online, plus full compliance with national datasets.