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Our Solutions.


Virtual Wards.

CareFlow EPR enables virtual wards to be managed alongside physical wards. Virtual ward staff can interact with CareFlow and access the same functionality as if the patient was in a physical bed, allowing Clinical Assessments, Handovers, Tasks and other activities to be recorded remotely. 

A patient’s record can be monitored centrally enabling a holistic view of care with specialist teams being able to monitor their patients’ independent-of-ward location. 

The solution can be extended to support remote monitoring powered by Docobo. Integrated care systems are therefore supported to provide appropriate, targeted management of patients at home which, in turn, helps reduce demand on organisations across the care community.

Key Benefits.

  • Patients are closely monitored at intervals outlined by clinicians 
  • Generates alerts to support clinicians to manage any health concerns 
  • Patients can be discharged from virtual wards within minutes 

Key Components.

Web-Based Dashboards

Clinicians can view patient data including those on virtual wards via web-based dashboards within CareFlow EPR. 

Clinical Collaboration and Alerting

The solution also provides messaging functionality between multi-disciplinary teams across a health community. Configurable alerts and actions can be used to notify clinicians of activity. 

Clinical Assessments

Structured clinical assessments can be captured at the point of care, including within a patient’s home. Information is available within the broader patient’s record enabling remote review of progress.