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Knowledge Hub.

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Thought Leadership

The Liquidlogic, System C & Graphnet Blueprint for Delivering the White Paper Vision for Health and Social Care Integration

David Grigsby on delivering against the new Health & Social Care white paper.

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Thought Leadership

Why Digital Nursing Matters – A Supplier’s Perspective

Nurses account for around 80% of clinical digital users but have historically been under-represented in digital roles within the NHS.

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Thought Leadership

Data Has to be at the Heart of the Recovery and the Reorganisation

ICSs will be shaped by analysis of comprehensive data on the populations they serve...

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Thought Leadership

How Data is Playing a Key Role in Driving Collaboration and Integration Across Care Systems

The use and sharing of data in understanding and responding to Covid-19 has given us a glimpse of a transformed future.

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Thought Leadership

Health & Social Care Integration: Is the Future Here Already, But Just Not Evenly Distributed?

The long-awaited integration of health and social care seemed a step closer with the promise in the NHS long term plan of a nationwide structure of Integrated Care Systems by 2021. ICSs hold up real prospects of more joined up commissioning and services in support of local populations.

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Thought Leadership

Measuring Digital Maturity – Where is the Value?

Measuring digital maturity has its advocates and detractors and interest in measuring digital maturity inevitably waxes and wanes, but it does seem to be at the forefront of people’s minds once again in the NHS as we look at where next on how to target limited investment priorities.

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Thought Leadership

Supporting Digital Nurses, AHPs and Midwives

Senior nurses, AHPs and midwives have a significant role to play in helping shape an organisation’s digital strategy and priorities.

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Thought Leadership

Population Health is for Life, Not Just for a Pandemic

The year 2020 will be one to remember, or perhaps more appropriately forget…


Thought Leadership

The Long Road to Purging the Pager

Choosing the right clinical communications tools for the job


Thought Leadership

Rachael Bartholomew, Head of Client Services at OCC, Co-Authors a Peer-Reviewed Research Paper Inspired and Supported in Part by the OPERANDO Project.


Thought Leadership

Digitising the NHS - Never Waste a Good Crisis

How has so much digital transformation been achieved so quickly in the NHS in recent months?

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Thought Leadership

We Don’t Need to ‘Fly Blind’ as the NHS Re-Opens Services

The need for real-time health and care information at the local level has never been more pressing.

sentiment analysis

Thought Leadership

How to Approach Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews.

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Thought Leadership

What Does ‘Levelling Up’ Mean for Health and Social Care?

Levelling up is good, levelling down is not

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Thought Leadership

Double or Nothing? Meeting the Digital Transformation Challenge

Digital transformation is not just about funding, skills and standards. Persistence and patience are also key, says Dr Jonathan Bloor.


Thought Leadership

The Software Commercialisation Journey.

Image of Dr Jonathan Bloor

Thought Leadership

Digital Health: What's the Point?

Digital technologies can, and do, save lives and improve efficiency. Conversely, they can, and sometimes do, cause harm.


Thought Leadership

"Solve For One - Extend to Many": Inclusive Design and Why it Matters.

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Thought Leadership

Software as a Medical Device.

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