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About Us.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy.


We believe that the actions we take to meet the needs of our staff and customers must not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. An awareness of our impact on the environment is a key part of that and as responsible members of society we are committed to reducing our negative impact by reducing our waste and carbon emissions.

To meet this environmental responsibility, we aim to:

  • Understand and monitor our environmental impact
  • Consider sustainability and environmental impact when making major business decisions
  • Promote the conservation and sustainable use of resources across the business
  • Reduce the volume and impact of waste by reusing and recycling equipment and materials where possible and disposing of waste in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • Reduce energy use and seek renewable and energy-efficient solutions as part of our planning processes
  • Compensate for the carbon emissions we cannot yet eliminate by offsetting via certified projects that also offer additional societal, economic and ecological benefits
  • Assess and reduce the environmental impact of our purchases as far as possible, considering their production, distribution and use
  • Encourage the use of sustainable forms of transport
  • Promote awareness and balanced understanding of environmental issues within the company and encourage the support and involvement of all employees
  • Regularly review and improve our environmental and sustainability processes

Carbon Reduction Plan – Net Zero Emissions

We are committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.

A signed copy of our Carbon Reduction Plan (including emissions reporting) can be found here.

This policy is subject to continuous review and will be updated accordingly.