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Our technology – connected care

At System C, our focus is all about helping our customers provide health and social care services that are joined up, responsive, safe and effective. We do this by building on technological advances - in cloud computing, web and mobile apps for example – and by supporting emerging standards.

We are a keen supporter of interoperability

  • Founder member of the UK HL7 group
  • Committed to adopting FHIR standards
  • An active member of INTEROpen
  • Signatory to the TechUK Interoperability charter and to the Newcastle Declaration

All our products support messaging, national systems integration, portal style click-in and click-through facilities within patient context, and open APIs.

We are pioneers in social care integration. We were the first supplier to exchange acute discharge documentation directly into social care workflow. We pass intervention, key worker, alert and care plan details through from social care services to hospitals, clinics and hospices, ambulance services, and GP services. Our largest shared record customers each consolidate information from up to 100 different GP, community, mental health, acute and social care systems.

Innovating technology

Our solutions use leading-edge technologies - including mobile, wearables, instant messaging, the cloud and machine learning - to radically redesign services and the way clinicians and patients interact together.

We are a cloud pioneer. In fact, our communications and workflow solution, Connect (part of our CareFlow EPR), was one of the first healthcare solutions in the world on the cloud. The majority of our clinical products and our Global Digital Exemplar blueprint solutions are available on Microsoft Azure. We do this because the cloud provides a secure, fully-mobile environment and a more open framework for interoperability between systems.