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Our digital exemplar blueprint

Our digital exemplar blueprint

System C is offering NHS trusts and care communities a blueprint for digital excellence. It covers all clinical IT within a hospital and across the care community, in a single solution.

This blueprint is being developed with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, our partner in NHS England’s Global Digital Exemplar programme and Fast Follower, Whittington Health NHS Trust.

More and more trusts are coming onboard with our blueprint. A key advantage our blueprint is that it enables a trust to take a more phased, integrated approach to a full EPR rather than embarking on an expensive, big bang ‘rip and replace’ project.

It also has the advantage of being able to offer a route to an integrated health and care record, which is important under the NHS Long Term Plan – our Liquidlogic social care software is already in use across 89 local authorities and our CareCentric shared care record holds information on over 16m patients.

Key benefits

Key components


cloud and mobile-enabled, modern, flexible electronic patient record system designed exclusively for the NHS.  

Shared record

CareCentric combines detailed information from health and social care settings into a single integrated record.

Care co-ordination

Supports community-wide assessments, alerting, task management, referral, secure instant messaging, workflow and care planning.

Patient engagement

Enables people to contribute to their care record, manage long-term conditions and communicate with their care team.

Social care

UK’s fastest-growing system for local authority and education management services, offering solutions to adults' and children's social care needs.   


Supports solid integration of specialist solutions such as PACS and EDMS. Includes a rich and comprehensive set of APIs supporting open standards such as FHIR, OAuth and FIDO.

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