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Liquidlogic has an exemplary track record when it comes to integration, with particular emphasis on health integration. Liquidlogic supplies a number of APIs (Application Program Interface) to assist customers in integrating external systems with the Liquidlogic Children’s and Adults’ systems.

Integration with Healthcare

Liquidlogic specialises in integrating Health and Social Care information systems and has consistently been first in delivering joined-up technology such as integration with the Child Protection – Information Sharing project (CP-IS), which supports staff working in unscheduled health care settings to identify children who are looked after and share information with relevant social care teams.

Other examples of Liquidlogic’s health and social care integration include the NHS Adapter project, which promotes the use of secure technology to discharge patients from hospital into the community, and two-way integration with the NHS Patient Demographic Service (PDS).

Liquidlogic has a significant track record, history and experience in integrating and sharing information to pull Health and Social Care together more closely and the company continues to work closely with customers, partners, stakeholders and national bodies to define, design, build, and where necessary, accredit meaningful integration both quickly and professionally.

Liquidlogic has developed and delivered a broad (and growing) range of health integration interfaces, mechanisms and solutions.

These include:

Liquidlogic’s services have connected a wide range of organisations, agencies, teams and processes, including:

Liquidlogic’s solutions can help to join Health and Social Care in a wide range of different ways, for example:

These solutions integrate with a range of different NHS services, including:

This integration capability is fully underpinned by recognised Health integration standards, including:

In addition to health integration, we have successful integrations with a wide range of systems, including numerous live integrations with Capita ONE Education system and live integration with eight different EDRMS systems.