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CareCentric - integrating health and social care services, uniting communities, sharing care

CareCentric supports the seamless flow of information from the many disparate systems in use across a health and social care community and presents this information as a unified view, tailorable to the requirements of a broad range of users.

Contributing systems flow agreed data to CareCentric, which is pre-configured to collect data from a broad range of solutions in use in the following care settings: primary, community, acute, mental health, social care, and from other specialist systems, such as Out of Hours and Electronic Document Management.

This data is stored in a single clinical data repository, which enables data to be sorted and filtered from multiple sources quickly. From here, CareCentric links the data from multiple systems, using the NHS Number as the primary identifier, and presents it to end-users in a unified manner within a single care record for that individual.

CareCentric employs a combination of a repository with asynchronous feeds, and real-time updates/access. This approach builds comprehensive, up-to-date records which include a wealth of care history supplemented with event-driven, real-time data, enabling prompt notifications to be raised and pro-active actions taken as the record is updated.

Single sign-on

CareCentric can be embedded within native IT systems to give care professionals direct access to a patient’s medical records without having to log on again.

Our integration framework can be used by software developers to embed CareCentric with a minimum of effort into any local application with appropriate security and confidentiality access facilities. Many embedded variants are already available, including leading systems such as EMIS Web, Vision, Adastra and a number of acute PAS and clinical systems.   

By providing more complete information, and reducing the time spent casting around for information, CareCentric delivers important benefits both in terms of the quality of care provided, patient safety and the efficiency of services.

Interoperability and standards

CareCentric is fully interoperable and is specifically designed to build on investments the NHS and local government have already made in IT systems. We connect to most of the major health and social care IT systems being used in the UK, including the majority of GP systems.

We are a signatory to TechUK’s Interoperability Charter and a member of InterOPEN. CareCentric has attained official accreditation as an ITK Host Client Application with content ITK readiness.

High levels of connectivity means the number of systems sharing data is maximised, which in turn makes the care record richer and more useful. 

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Committed to Interoperability

- connecting all parts of the health and social care system

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