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Shared care

Shared Care

Demand for health and social care from a growing and ageing population - often with multiple, complex, long-term conditions - is rising and putting service providers under pressure. There is an urgent need for better, more integrated ways of working across organisational boundaries. 

Our market-leading CareCentric* shared care solutions make joined-up health and social care a reality. We support all four maturity levels of shared care, from a foundation-level shared care record to care planning, personal health records and a full-scale population health management system. 

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Level 1 Sharing information

The CareCentric shared care record combines data from local systems to create a single care record. An entry level system might allow primary care and acute clinicians to view each other's records, while a full shared care record combines records from multiple types of organisation and across care settings within a designated community. 

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Level 2 Care planning support

The shared record supports the collection and update of community-wide assessment, event-driven alerting, task management, referral, secure instant messaging, workflow and care planning through our CareFlow Connect application. Patient registers can be created using risk stratification or manual assignment. 

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Level 3 Patient access and engagement

Patients are engaged in their own health through the myCareCentric Personal Health Record. They are able to self-monitor using wearables and telehealth devices and interact directly with clinicians in real-time to improve the management of their condition. 

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Level 4 Population health management

The solution allows for the analysis of aggregated detailed patient data gathered from across a care community using risk stratification and other tools. It supports anonymised, pseudonymised and open data, according to permitted use. Care commissioners and providers are able to use insights about patients and populations to act proactively and improve clinical and financial outcomes.

CareCentric is the largest, most established integrated digital care record in the country, holding records on over 16m patients. We help deliver safer, more joined-up care by giving care professionals access to more accurate and consistent information across all services, in turn releasing more time to offer continuity of care for patients.  

CareCentric supports key government initiatives such as: 

*CareCentric is powered by Graphnet, part of the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance. For further information, visit Graphnet Health. 


St Helens Shared Care Record

Watch our video to see how St Helens Cares multi-disciplinary teams are using CareCentric to transform patient care

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Our other offerings

System C Icon_Population Health

Population Health

Enables the analysis of aggregated patient data from across a care community for resource planning and optimisation. 

System C Icon_Shared Care


CareCentric combines detailed information from health and social care settings into a single integrated record. 

System C Icon_Patient Portal


Enables people to contribute to their care record, manage long-term conditions and communicate with their care team. 

System C Icon_EPR


cloud and mobile-enabled, modern, flexible electronic patient record system designed exclusively for the NHS.  

System C Icon_Care_connect

Care co-ordination

Provides secure and mobile clinical communication and collaboration functionality. It allows clinical teams within a hospital and across a community to co-ordinate care safely and efficiently. 

System C Icon_Child health


Our market-leading, comprehensive electronic records for child health, covering over 6.1 million children in the UK. 

System C Icon_Patient Flow

Patient Flow

Helps a hospital better manage its patient journeys from pre-admission through to discharge by providing an accurate, real-time picture of capacity and needs. 

System C Icon_Adult Child Social Care

Social Care

UK’s fastest growing system for local authority and education management services, offering solutions to adults' and children's social care needs.   

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