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Patient Portal

Patient portal

Patient portal

Individuals use our myCareCentric* patient portal to gain secure access to their records, to services and health information. They also use it to enter their own information and communicate directly with care professionals.

Patient information can be supplemented with data from care apps and wearables for greater engagement.

This information becomes part of the shared record and is shared with clinicians through the clinical portal so they can monitor progress and devise new models of care based around the needs of the individual.

myCareCentric is more than just a way to review appointments. It helps ensure that patients are more involved in the care they are receiving, which in turn improves both the quality of the record, the ability for clinicians to reach their patients and health outcomes.

Features include:

  • Access to information from GPs, hospitals, community care and social care with a single log-in
  • Access to care documents, letters, appointments, images, results, care plans and care pathways
  • Ability to define the type of data shared with patients and how it is displayed
  • Patients can view and update records using smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Supports IOS, Android, Microsoft Surface and a web interface for desktops
  • Provides a ‘native’ user experience on each device using integrated technology such as voice recognition, media capture and geolocation
  • Supports improved communication between patients and professionals
  • Secure messaging and notifications
  • Uploading of documents, photos and videos
  • Sharing health diaries
  • Patients self-record information such as blood pressure, blood sugar and weight
  • Electronic delivery of key information, including:
    • Appointment reminders and confirmations including locations, maps etc.
    • Guidance - explaining a particular illness or procedure
    • Clinical information (e.g. medical letters, diagnostic results)

*myCareCentric is powered by Graphnet Health, part of the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance.


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