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Global Digital Exemplar

Our digital exemplar blueprint

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Delivering Global Digital Excellence at UH Bristol

2System C is offering NHS trusts and care communities a blueprint for digital excellence. It covers all clinical IT within a hospital and across the care community, in a single solution.

This blueprint is being developed with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, our partner in NHS England’s Global Digital Exemplar programme.

Key features of our blueprint

  • It is a whole health economy solution. It provides all the local and care community-wide solutions required to modernise NHS computing and to support the transformation of care set out in the Five Year Forward View
  • It is a modular template, consisting of a series of integrated solutions and a blueprint for implementation
  • It allows NHS organisations to build up their digital maturity at their own pace, and according to their own circumstances – in line with Local Digital Roadmaps and STPs as funding becomes available
  • It provides a clear path for organisations to reach a UK-equivalent of HIMSS Level 7
  • It has a clinical core which will transform the way that clinical users across a care community use IT

Finally, it will be delivered using System C’s deployment methodology. We have the strongest deployment track record in UK healthcare.

The blueprint comprises any or all of:

  • Clinical systems including prescribing, results, orders, alerting, decision support, handover, noting, task management and messaging
  • Specialist nursing systems including e-observations, nurse care planning and assessments
  • Care-community solutions such as shared care records, multi-disciplinary and multi-organisational care planning and cross care community messaging, referral and alerting
  • Patient access and involvement through a patient portal including home monitoring, patient engagement, record contribution and sharing and advice
  • Population health, data visualisation and both in-trust and across care community business intelligence
  • Patient administration system (PAS)
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Global Digital Exemplar

Our blueprint for digital excellence

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