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Theatre management

Theatre management

Our EPR provides full theatre management functionality via an unprecedented level of interoperability with Bluespier’s established theatre management software. Data feeds from the MPI, waiting and attendance lists mean that the theatre management system is fully synced with PAS data in real time. Users can also launch the theatre module in patient context, switching seamlessly at patient level in and out of the wider electronic case note.

Up-to-the-minute information on where patients are on their surgical pathway and on current theatre usage, combined with rich clinical content and functionality means hospitals are able to optimise use of theatre facilities and resources, reduce administration time and improve patient safety as well as overall patient experience.

All theatre management functions are supported, including scheduling, utilisation and patient tracking, resource management, clinical documentation and coding with local and national data returns. This is combined with unrivalled clinical content and functionality, providing a task flow management system that is ready to go, both clinically and administratively, with minimal configuration and set-up.

Key components

Seamless integration with the EPR

Full user access to Theatre Management from within the EPR, including booking, real-time tracking and simultaneous updates.

Manage and track patients

View up-to-the-minute information about where patients are on their surgical pathway and on current theatre usage.

Capture and retrieve relevant clinical data

Collection and analysis of data can facilitate optimal use of theatre facilities, cutting admin time and improving patient safety & experience.

Our other offerings

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Clinical Narrative

Supports clinicians by capturing and sharing information in real-time with colleagues, rather than relying on information traditionally held in paper notes and charts. 

System C Icon_Patient Flow

Patient Flow

Helps a hospital better manage its patient journeys from pre-admission through to discharge by providing an accurate, real-time picture of capacity and needs. 

System C Icon_E-obs-Vital Signs


Monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs to identify deteriorating conditions and provide risk scores to trigger the need for further necessary care.


Clinical Workspace

Displays a set of priority patient information in one location, helping clinicians to view and act accordingly using one single tool. 

System C Icon_Population Health

Population Health

Enables the analysis of aggregated patient data from across a care community for resource planning and optimisation. 

System C Icon_ePMA


Supports accurate and safer prescribing through predefined prescription templates, drug decision support, alerts and pharmacy prescription validation. 

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Care co-ordination

Provides secure and mobile clinical communication and collaboration functionality. It allows clinical teams within a hospital and across a community to co-ordinate care safely and efficiently. 

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Includes comprehensive maternity capability including clinically-focused maternal, fetal and newborn care. 

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