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Our PAS is the most modern, advanced and flexible system on the market, designed specifically to meet the needs of the NHS. It combines an advanced patient administration system with rich clinical functionalities, providing a single patient record for use by clinicians and administration staff. 

It is used as the core of our EPR system in 27 Acute Trusts, ranging from smaller specialist hospitals with a few hundred beds, to large teaching hospitals with 20,000 users. It can be deployed either stand-alone or with other modules from System C or third parties. 

It comes complete with integrated management, operational and statistical reporting and can support the use of patient kiosks.

North West Anglia implements major new Patient Administration System


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Built on System C’s 36 years’ experience of design and development 

27 PAS systems deployed in the last seven years 

18 of those within a 12-month period 


Our new Patient Administration System provides one system for all these functions. This enables us to provide more seamless care for patients and will improve safety and increase efficiency. 

David Pratt, Director of Finance, North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Key components

Interoperates with key EPR modules

Connects seamlessly with maternity, ED, theatres, e-Obs, patient flow, orders and results, secure communications, noting, EPMA, clinical documentation and clinical workspace.

Focused on ensuring top data quality

The system is designed to collect data as a bi-product of normal operational use.   Workflows are designed to ensure that key details are not missed.

Includes advanced BI tools

It provides easy access to crucial information through the use of reports, summaries, data cubes, graphs and dashboards using integrated standard Microsoft analysis and reporting tools


It is compatible with English NHS Care Records Services such as eRS, PDS and NN4B.

Personalised views

Its highly configurable and flexible screen display options allow users to personalise their views to support their need 


Communicates via REST API authentication by means of RFC7519 compliant security tokens (JWTs), facilitating integration with third party and in-house.

Our other offerings


Clinical Workspace    

Displays a set of priority patient information in one location, helping clinicians to view and act accordingly using one single tool.

System C Icon_Patient Flow

Patient Flow  

Helps a hospital better manage its patient journeys from pre-admission through to discharge by providing an accurate, real-time picture of capacity and needs

System C Icon_Care_connect

Care co-ordination

Provides secure and mobile clinical communication and collaboration functionality. It allows clinical teams within a hospital and across a community to co-ordinate care safely and efficiently.

System C Icon_E-Obs-vital signs


Monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs to identify deteriorating conditions and provide risk scores to trigger the need for further necessary care.

System C Icon_ePMA


Supports accurate and safer prescribing through predefined prescription templates, drug decision support, alerts and pharmacy prescription validation.

System C Icon_Clinical Noting

Clinical Narrative

Supports clinicians by capturing and sharing information in real-time with colleagues, rather than relying on information traditionally held in paper notes and charts.

System C Icon_Maternity


Includes comprehensive maternity capability including clinically-focused maternal, fetal and newborn care.

System C Icon_Secure

Orders and Results

Offers an efficient and safe mechanism for electronically ordering and receiving results.

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