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CareFlow Medicines Management

Medications form a part of almost every care setting, making an integrated Medicines Management platform a vital tool.

The CareFlow Medicines Management system is a closed loop platform, covering Electronic Prescribing, Pharmacy and medicines Administration, that works across a wide range of care settings including acute, mental health and community - providing an ‘ICS ready’ solution. Our intuitive system includes functionality such as simple and complex infusions, chemotherapy and controlled drugs across a variety of settings including critical care.

Our market leading product is deployed in more than 200 Trusts, Healthboards and hospitals in the UK, Europe and South Africa.  Integrated into the CareFlow EPR, CareFlow Medicines Management provides a complete end-to-end solution with sophisticated medicines clinical decision support included as standard. Integrated data capture, an updated view of any dosage or regime alterations and real-time generation of clinical audits and customised reports are just some of the features.

Legible prescriptions, dispensing and administration and the ability to request and order medicines from the ward ensure the patient’s medicines are correctly administered at the right time. CareFlow Medicines Management provides clinicians with real-time information on a patient’s medicines throughout their inpatient stay from clerking on admission medicines through to prescribing take home medicines.

Unlike many other EPMA systems, CareFlow Medicines Management enables the entire drug chart to be viewed on a single screen, complete with the latest lab results and drug schedules, with patient histories accessible at a keystroke. No need to rekey prescription data at discharge; it is available to download straight from the system.

The comprehensive controlled drug management platform is designed for use by NHS and healthcare staff throughout all areas within hospitals where controlled drugs are stored, including pharmacy, wards and theatres. This provides hospitals with a completely paperless solution for their controlled drug processes.

Key components

Intuitive prescribing

Searching for a drug name will list all available preparations from the localised formulary, providing visibility of a medicine’s status throughout the system.

Flexible formulary management

The formulary is entirely controlled and customised by the trust. Only those preparations specifically approved, authorised and published by trust pharmacists are made available for prescription.

Complete prescribing in a few clicks

Simple screen controls allow quick and easy creation of drug regimens and completion of prescriptions in just a few clicks.

Medicines administration

Clear and unambiguous administration instructions in a graphical timeline view.

Standards-based user interface

Incorporates the NHS Common User Interface (CUI) design guidance, developed following research and usability testing.

Compliance and audit

Complies with all relevant standards, legislation and best practice guidelines. Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) can be customised. Full audit trail of all user actions.

Our other offerings

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Monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs to identify deteriorating conditions and provide risk scores to trigger the need for further necessary care.

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Clinical narrative

Supports clinicians by capturing and sharing information in real-time with colleagues, rather than relying on information traditionally held in paper notes and charts.

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Orders and results

Offers an efficient and safe mechanism for electronically ordering and receiving results.

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Clinical workspace

Displays a set of priority patient information in one location, helping clinicians to view and act accordingly using one single tool. 

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Patient flow

Helps a hospital better manage its patient journeys from pre-admission through to discharge by providing an accurate, real-time picture of capacity and needs. 

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Population health

Enables the analysis of aggregated patient data from across a care community for resource planning and optimisation. 

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Care co-ordination

Provides secure and mobile clinical communication and collaboration functionality. It allows clinical teams within a hospital and across a community to co-ordinate care safely and efficiently

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Includes comprehensive maternity capability including clinically-focused maternal, fetal and newborn care. 

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