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Clinical workspace

Clinical workspace

Clinical workspace is a clinically optimised and consolidated view of the entire System C clinical product suite and with single sign-on to 3rd party applications such as PACS, EDMS and shared care records.   

It presents essential clinical information in one single view, with comprehensive support for clinical needs.  Clinicians can enter information at the point of care, access that information remotely, receive push notifications and communicate via instant messaging.  It also provides team-based clinical workflow, decision support, care planning, and care co-ordination between colleagues within a single organisation and across a care community. 


 Workspace provides a single view of essential clinical information on a mobile or desktop, with single sign on to integrated systems.

Key components

Secure communications

Supports communication and collaboration for team-based care co-ordination within a hospital and across a community

Electronic observations

Offers functionalities such as assessments and screening, alerts, fluid management, sepsis and outbreak control to capture and assess vital signs


Offers accurate and safer prescribing through predefined prescription templates, drug decision support alerts and pharmacy prescription validation

Clinical narrative

Enables capturing and sharing information in real time with colleagues, rather than relying on information traditionally held in paper notes, assessments and charts


Supports clinical workflows include messaging, handover, task management, hospital-at-night, list management, referrals and alerts

Orders and results

Supports the efficient and safe mechanism for electronically ordering and receiving results


Our other offerings

System C Icon_PAS (patient administration system) (1)


A modern and flexible solution designed exclusively for the NHS. It combines advanced patient management with extended clinical functionality and workflow.

System C Icon_Patient Flow

Patient Flow  

Helps a hospital better manage its patient journeys from pre-admission through to discharge by providing an accurate, real-time picture of capacity and needs

System C Icon_Shared Care

Shared Care 

The largest, most established integrated digital care record system in the country, holding records on over 16m patients, making joined-up health and social care a reality. 


System C Icon_Benefit Realisation

Business Intelligence

Provides easy access to crucial information through the use of reports, summaries, data cubes, graphs and dashboards.

System C Icon_E-obs-Vital Signs


Monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs to identify deteriorating conditions and provide risk scores to trigger the need for further necessary care.

System C Icon_Care_connect

Care co-ordination

Provides secure and mobile clinical communication and collaboration functionality. It allows clinical teams within a hospital and across a community to co-ordinate care safely and efficiently

System C Icon_Theatres


Provides clinicians with rich clinical content and functionality for efficient and effective theatre management

System C Icon_Maternity


Includes comprehensive maternity capability including clinically-focused maternal, fetal and newborn care.

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