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Care Planning

Care Planning

Our Care Planning solution allows electronic care plans to be created and tailored to patient needs and supports staff to record care, as defined by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). It helps with planning the care in a holistic and collaborative manner, using agreed local and national guidelines to ensure patient care is optimized.

The module helps users and patients to  identify, manage and prepare a suitable plan to reach desired outcomes, be they personal or defined by admission. It ensures that a patient gets the same standard, quality and accuracy of care regardless of which members of the staff are on duty.  As a ‘living document’ it encourages multidisciplinary engagement with the patient and creates a timeline of activity which is easy to review, edit and navigate.

A patient’s care plan is developed using a template, focusing on the essentials of care including nutrition, mobility, sleeping, tissue viability, falls prevention, psychological needs, recording of clinical interventions, communication and sexuality.  Its flexibility allows for additional needs, goals and activities to be developed collaboratively with the patient, ensuring the care given is tailored to the person. 

Care Planning seamlessly integrates with other solutions and user base.  It reduces the need for information being recorded on paper and makes it much easier to track the status of a plan as it develops. 

Key benefits

  • Improved patient safety
  • Improved clinical outcomes and patient experience
  • Improved patient flow and financial performance
  • Improved information sharing and care co-ordination
  • Improved continuity of care across health communities
  • Improved management of resources

Key features

  • Supports an organisation to standardise care delivery and follow best practice.
  • Enables efficient working through integration of data and other modules.
  • Supports seamless sharing and actioning of care plans across multiple platforms and devices.

The whole ethos behind its development was to make each care plan truly bespoke to each patient, therefore ensuring maximum patient safety in terms of the nursing care delivered, while maintaining gold standard documentation.  We are fiercely proud of the resulting product and our nurses find the system intuitive and easy to use.  Although it is early days, we are already seeing the documentation/safety tool compliance benefits. 

                Claire Grant, Chief Nursing Information Officer, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Key components

Locally configurable templates

Set of tools creating care plan templates based on needs, goals and activities.  Content is configured locally.

SNOMED support

Ability for trusts to include SNOMED care planning terms in the care plan content.

Audit capability

Ability to time stamp each care plan entry and provide a full audit trail of those making entries.

Guidelines and protocols support

Ensures minimum care is delivered, pathways are followed, and problem management is implemented using recommended guidelines and care protocols.

Narrative captured within the care plan

Clinicians will be able to record their actions and interventions directly on the patient care plan, providing a narrative within the context of care plan.

Access to the wider EPR

Authorised users will be able to navigate to the wider patient record, from activities and interventions, to complete an action such as an assessment or order an x-ray and then return to the care plan. 

Structured patient care communication

Needs, goals and intervention templates are stored in an organised format to support structured patient care communication, providing an auditable patient care record. 

Links to other patient information

Manages care using electronic patient information linking to specific parts of the record such as clinical notes, letters, appointments and referrals, improving efficiency and user experience.

Supports Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts objectives

Needs, goals and activities are clearly defined and communicated to those involved in the care of a patient ensuring care is consistent, reducing clinical risk and supporting Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) objectives.

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