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Orders & results

Orders and results

Our integrated Order Communications solution provides an efficient and safe mechanism for electronically ordering and viewing results. It allows clinicians to benefit from faster, more efficient requesting and viewing.

Flexible results views including lists, grids and graphing means clinicians can review information in a manner that maps to their workflow. Its summary views provide immediate access to important information, including what orders have been placed and their result statuses.

It replaces paper process and improves compliance to results acknowledgement policies. It also reduces costs and improves patient safety and care by eliminating delays, bottlenecks and errors of paper-based systems.

CareFlow Order Communications is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Key components of Order Communications:

  • Accessible across the entire EPR system
  • Full configuration of orderable items including 'order sets'
  • Integrated clinical decision support tools
  • Supports clinical workflow and protocols
  • Prints of request forms and labels
  • Additions of supplementary data items to support local protocols when placing orders or taking samples
  • Highly configurable data items to meet local needs
  • Comprehensive audit trails across the application including order tracking and action history
  • Fully flexible results viewing including trend views and flexible grouping of results
  • Ability to include results into clinical documents e.g. discharge summaries
  • Clear flagging of abnormal results
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