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Structured and unstructured clinical noting

Our next-generation clinical notes are focused on the clinical workflow, providing a quick, robust and easy to use solution for capturing clinical notes and surfacing the relevant information at the correct point.

By switching to a new platform, we can integrate notes captured by clinicians in the acute setting and in community, in addition to information flowing in from the patients themselves. In the future, we envisage this being extended to non-professional carers and non-NHS workers such as private sector care home staff.

Clinical noting will be at the centre of driving workflows and supporting the clinicians making use of traditional lists and task-orientated views and prompts. Interactive images, rules to highlight sections clearly, trigger alerts, tasks and messages are available now. We will be offering mobile content along with web and desktop. This is an opportunity to move away from simple data capture and introduce more efficient and useful ways of working.

In future, we envisage offering dynamic content production, further real-time insights and complex pathway management. 

We will be continually developing the capabilities to enhance the product further.