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Clinical collaboration

Clinical collaboration

Connect is an integrated communication platform available on any mobile or web device, delivering faster clinical communication, better collaboration and safer care. It replaces the reliance on pagers, phone calls, texts, personal apps such as WhatsApp, and emails.

Key components of Connect:

  • Secure messaging: Connect enables encrypted mobile and web-based messaging between teams and between individuals. It integrates with PAS or EPR to allow secure patient identified messaging and specifically ensures that patient identified messages can be viewed together to create a single patient communication record. This can be integrated back into the patient record. In addition, it enables secure picture, video and file sharing.
  • Handover: Using the handover functionality in Connect, all patient handover notes can be captured electronically and are instantly available to all relevant team members. When patients move between teams, the handover notes move with them, saving clinicians time and need for face to face handovers.
  • Task management & H@N: Connect provides a team-based approach to task management that not only addresses the needs of hospital-at-night (H@N) but also should be used for all types of teams, 24/7. This process enables an organisation to take a rigid approach to task management as well as allowing teams to manage themselves.
  • Referral: Using this functionality, patient referrals are quicker and more accurate. By starting a referral process, staff can have a conversation across two specialty groups about a patient, making the procedure transparent and reducing duplication and delays. Workflow is included to handle accept and decline status of the referral and a structured SBAR format for the referral is included.
  • Alerts: Connect’s alert functionality provides a powerful and scalable capability using a ‘publish/subscribe’ model. A Trust can make key alerts available from its clinical information systems. Alert subscriptions can be configured to suit different workflows. This functionality ensures users receive selected, immediate updates on a patient as soon as an alert is triggered.