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CarePlus Child Health

CarePlus Child Health is our market-leading child health records solution covering over 6 million children.

It records key information such as immunisations and vaccinations from birth to 19 years, and allows clinicians and administrators to track children through their pre-school and school years as well as supporting specialist groups such as Sure Start.

It is a fully-flexible solution which can be deployed in a single instance for one organisation, or over a number of Trusts using a single database.

CarePlus Child Health provides a complete range of functionality that fully supports the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) as well as progressive services for children deemed at high risk. All our modules integrate seamlessly with each other, with data flowing freely between them to create a flexible, upgradeable system.

Our browser-based system also integrates with numerous other solutions allowing, for example, links with maternity systems to register new births, electronic transfer of bloodspot results from screening laboratories, and acceptance of data files from education departments to update children's school details.

As well as meeting new guidelines or directives from the Department of Health such as new immunisation or catch up programmes that include Swine Flu and HPV, CarePlus Child Health enables benefits that support the QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) agenda.

CarePlus Child Health

  • Achieves 97% compliance with "Output-Based Specification for Child Health Information Systems" issued by the Department of Health in November 2015.
  • Supports over 100 standard reports. ICD10 coding is available within the system as are mandatory reports such as KC50, COVER and GP payments.
  • Provides relevant data for the Children and Young People's Health Services Secondary Uses Data Set.
  • Includes a full audit facility that enables managers to monitor activity and to identify training issues.