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Medway Business Intelligence (Medway BI) is a healthcare business intelligence and data warehousing module with a flexible, robust and powerful toolset.

It can be used to create, manage and maintain highly-configurable reports and dashboards, manage patient flow, BI and emergency care and inpatients, automate the production of statutory reporting and commissioning data sets, and trap and resolve data quality issues.

Fully integrated with the Medway PAS/EPR, Medway BI can replace existing information management systems. Data can be integrated from other systems, cross-linked with Medway, stored, analysed and presented according to local and national requirements.

Medway BI is built in the UK to current NHS standards, including Referral to Treatment, Commissioning Data Sets, Contract Allocation, Maternity Services Data Set, Healthcare Resource Groups and the Prescribed Specialised Services Commissioning Tool.

Medway BI utilises the full capabilities of the industry-leading Microsoft SQL Server database management system, offering reporting and analysis services. 

User benefits

  • Suite of report templates to get sites started with out-of-the-box reporting during deployment
  • Extensive range of data quality dashboards, designed to support NHS reporting
  • Architecture has no performance impact on operational systems
  • Kimball data warehouse structures are used to enable fast data retrieval

Hospital benefits

  • Timely data refresh enables proactive monitoring of key national performance indicators, action can be taken prior to breaching
  • Medway BI uses national NHS data dictionary standards and definitions with templates for national reporting
  • Integrated commissioning functionality removes reliance on cumbersome manual processes around CDS production. Includes data modelling comparisons to impact assess annual HRG and contract changes
  • Medway BI is capable of organisational data warehousing including importing data from external systems. This can have a cost reduction benefit, enabling the retirement of existing data warehouse solutions
  • Medway BI has a customer-led Business Intelligence user group directly contributing to product enhancements

Integrated features

  • Fully integrated with Medway PAS/EPR: full reporting dataset is available in near real time
  • Live data feeds: subset of current Bed Status, Bed Flow, Emergency Care and Inpatients’ Data for patient flow management
  • Parallel database: reports do not compromise operational performance of Medway PAS/EPR
  • Industry-standard data warehouse methodology: used for fast data retrieval
  • Integrated active directory security: includes ability to anonymise and pseudo anonymise patient level data
  • Template reports: pre-configured with a suite of standard operational, management and dashboard reports for out-of-the-box reporting during deployment
  • Reporting tools: powerful and flexible reporting toolset enables the creation of reports, scorecards and dashboards. Supports both published reports and ad-hoc reporting
  • External data: ability to integrate data from non-Medway systems
  • Data extracts: locally configurable data extract capability
  • Platform for complex analytics and data science
  • Prediction: (developed in conjunction with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust) for emergency care attendances and emergency admissions
  • Flexible contract allocation rules can be amended to make contracting decisions on any data items, in any linked activity tables, without requiring a software update
  • Regular product releases including National ISNs and product enhancements to support changing NHS requirements

Data visualisation

Our optional data visualisation module provides mobile BI, advanced visualisations, geographical analysis and rapid content creation.

Medway BI and Vitalpac together have the capability to make real-time performance on the critical clinical issue of sepsis, visible in all clinical areas. One third of deaths in the hospital in 2014-15 were coded as having a sepsis related diagnosis. Medway BI Data Visualisation will enable continuous assurance that all patients developing sepsis receive optimal care. Speed and consistency are key to surviving sepsis. Not all deaths are avoidable, but we’ve already seen approx. 10% drop in sepsis associated deaths since beginning to deploy Vitalpac. A system that enables us to monitor delivery of the sepsis care bundle real-time, allowing everyone to see if we have small delays, will build on the improvements in mortality already achieved, whilst also reducing the costs of providing outstanding care.

Dr. Robert Allcock MA (Cantab et Oxon) BMBCh FRCP (Edin) Consultant Chest Physician and Clinical Lead for Health Informatics at QE Gateshead


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