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Theatre management

Theatre management

  • Effective and efficient theatre management from within Medway EPR
  • Clinical users can capture and retrieve detailed clinical data
  • Enables high-quality patient care and theatre efficiency

System C offers full theatre management functionality as part of the Medway family of integrated patient administration and clinical software.

Medway EPR provides an unprecedented level of interoperability with Bluespier’s established theatre management software, with a common look and feel across both systems. Not only do data feeds from the MPI, waiting list and attendance lists mean that the theatre management system is fully in sync with PAS data in real time, but users can also launch the theatre module from within Medway, in patient context, and switch seamlessly at the patient level in and out of the wider electronic case note.

Bluespier’s theatre management module supports both clinicians and theatre managers. It provides hospitals with up-to-the-minute information about where patients are on their surgical pathway and on current theatre usage. For clinicians, it provides rich clinical content and functionality. This combination means that hospitals are able to optimise use of theatre facilities and resources, reduce administration time and improve patient safety as well as the overall patient experience.

All theatre management functions are supported, including scheduling, utilisation and patient tracking, resource management, clinical documentation and coding with local and national data returns. This is combined with unrivalled clinical content and functionality, making this a task flow management system that is ready to go from the outset, both clinically and administratively, with minimal configuration and set-up.

Tight interoperability between theatre management and the EPR

  • User access to theatre diaries and sessions from Medway EPR
  • Patient theatre summaries accessible from Medway EPR
  • Theatre attendance and documents shown on the patient’s homepage in Medway EPR
  • Ability to book / rebook theatre sessions, including emergency bookings, from Medway screens
  • Real-time theatre tracking on inpatient screens
  • Simultaneous update of both the theatres module and the EPR when events occur (e.g. removal of waiting list, TCI offer rejected, emergency bookings)
  • Direct booking of pre-operative assessments from Medway’s waiting lists
  • Recording of preoperative assessment outcomes via Medway’s clinical noting
  • Outcome of pre-operative assessments reflected on applicable waiting list entries
  • Ability to make elective listing requests directly from outpatient appointment outcomes
  • Alerts and clinical notes can be recorded in the theatre management module and Medway EPR

Optional Bluespier modules include:

  • Trauma electronic whiteboard
  • Anaesthetic clinical record and interfacing with anaesthetic monitoring machines
  • Stock control and management
  • Intensive care and interfacing with monitoring machines

User benefits

  • The theatre management module is easy to use with comprehensive facilities to manage and track patients through their surgical pathway
  • The module is accessible from a number of areas within Medway such as outpatients, inpatients and the patient’s homepage
  • This means that users can move seamlessly between PAS and theatres data without having to log onto two systems
  • Option to view theatre diaries and sessions is available from the Medway menu

Hospital benefits

  • Integrated software giving hospitals up-to-the-minute information about where patients are on their surgical pathway and on current theatre usage.
  • Capturing and retrieving relevant clinical data means the hospital can optimise the use of theatre facilities, cutting administration time, and improving patient safety as well as the overall patient experience.

Tight integration with Bluespier’s theatre management module is part of System C’s strategy of taking best-of-breed products and combining them with Medway, providing first-class solutions for the benefit of patients, managers and clinicians.