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Maternity | System C



Complete, clinically-focused maternal, fetal & newborn care

Capturing the complete obstetric journey

Medway Maternity is a specialist maternity system that provides a complete solution to documenting a woman's obstetric journey - from early pregnancy and the first booking visit, antenatal care and fetal medicine, through to all aspects of labour management, postnatal care and discharge information.

The system also provides comprehensive support for recording newborn postnatal care up until final community discharge.

Recording care beyond the hospital

Total continuity of care across settings beyond the hospital and out into the community is supported. Robust solutions are available to support community users to record the care they provide without requiring connectivity to the main system. Information recorded offline is securely transmitted to the main system and available as part of the patient record, not just as a static document, but for viewing, acting and reporting on.

Information reporting

The system offers flexibility in terms of reporting and business intelligence options:

  • In-built reporting tools allow Trusts to extract raw data for further analysis
  • A specialist business intelligence suite for Maternity departments, Medway Maternity Business Intelligence (MMBI), is also available. This takes reporting to the next level, providing simple yet powerful tools for more complex reporting and analysis. MMBI also takes care of the entire end-to-end reporting process for the Maternity Services Data Set, including data validation prior to submissions

Both solutions offer support for statutory, national and local returns, including the Maternity Services Data Set, Commissioning Data Sets, Maternity Payment Tariffs, and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) audits.

Interfacing and integration with other specialist systems

Reducing stillbirth: Interfacing with GROW software

Medway Maternity interfaces with the Perinatal Institute’s GROW software, allowing midwives or obstetricians assessing fetal growth to generate customised growth charts from within Medway Maternity as part of a streamlined workflow.

Features & benefits

Rules-based risk assessment throughout pregnancy, including:

  • Additional management steps for high-risk pregnancies
  • Localised MEWS scoring
  • A comprehensive range of clinical alerts

Supports the end-to-end maternity journey: Clinically focused, intuitive with inbuilt logic and yet user friendly

Woman/baby-centric information recording: Data can be recorded in a hospital or remotely in a community setting.  

‘Do once and share’ data entry: Where applicable, information is entered once only and shared across the mother’s record and also used within her subsequent baby(ies) records.

Integration with other specialist solutions: Including CTG, results reporting, fetal medicine and neonatal systems.

Maternity Services Data Set: Full compliance with ISB 1513 – Maternity Services Data Set, capturing all of the information required and offering flexible reporting options to support submissions.

National Maternity Payment Tariffs: Collection, analysis and reporting on all the data required for payment tariffs supporting the correct pathway identification and allocation as a by-product of clinical system use, not as an additional task.

PDS birth notifications: Full compliance with ISB 1555 – Birth Notifications, allowing users to obtain NHS Numbers for babies from PDS simply and efficiently.

Advanced security and confidentiality built-in: This includes role-based access to patient data; locally-configurable password management; database security; and comprehensive audit trail functionality.

Safeguarding: Medway Maternity supports safeguarding workflows, communication and documentation, including the creation of plans that can be shared. The child protection information sharing project is being implemented using Medway EPR to share the child protection flag with Medway Maternity, enhancing the way child protection information is shared at a national level.