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Medway Kiosk

Medway Kiosk allows patients to ‘self-check-in’ by entering a combination of patient number, appointment reference, name and date of birth, at an appropriately-sited touch-screen display, installed into a robust kiosk.

The display units also have barcode scanning capabilities, so patients can start the check-in process by presenting their appointment letter to the kiosk. They will then need to confirm their identity via a number of client-defined screens. If a patient is trying to check in at the wrong building or department, they are informed.

The system is intuitive and guides the user through the check-in process. There is no ambiguity over where on the screen the user has to touch, the text is easy to read, buttons are large enough to see clearly and navigation options are straightforward.

Medway Kiosk allows a Trust to configure content and how it is presented to the patient when accessing the kiosk. The welcome screen can be amended to include the Trust logo, and other patient questions can be configured to be collected or removed as required by the Trust, such as the patient’s phone number, ethnic group, email address plus the ability to record patient consent to be contacted by email/text.

Customising the kiosk is easy – an ‘Admin mode’ enables a Trust to tailor the look and feel, and what data is captured and when, thus allowing the kiosk to be tailored to suit individual Trust identity and policy without the need for development intervention.


  • Streamlines patient registration
  • Minimises waiting times and congestion
  • Major cost savings
  • Staff time management
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Reduces errors in misidentification of patients
  • Fully integrated within Medway outpatient module
  • Trust configurability
  • No requirement to link to third-party suppliers for updates via HL7 messages