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System C Icon-White_EDMS (Electronic Document Management System)



Digitising healthcare information and becoming paperless

System C offers full interoperability with the MediViewer electronic document management (EDM) solution as part of the Medway family of integrated patient administration and clinical software.

MediViewer is an EDM solution created specifically for UK healthcare by IMMJ Systems, primarily to facilitate a paperless NHS by enabling hospitals to scan, index and archive existing paper records and access them quickly through an intuitive user interface.

The simple, intuitive interface is secure, browser-based and fully touchscreen-enabled, so can be used on any device. Scanned records are metadata-tagged, enabling swift, accurate retrieval of documentation within an episodic context, including complete attendance history and links to documents associated with specific encounters.

This in-context structure to patients’ case notes enables easy navigation, and key clinical documentation (e.g. correspondence, history sheets, operation notes, endoscopy records, anaesthetic charts and prescription sheets) is automatically recognised.

The solution significantly improves clinicians’ experience by making critical documents easier to locate.

Clinicians can also customise their view to allow presentation of ‘favourite’ clinics, wards and patients.

All the features you would expect of an electronic document management solution:

  • Go paperless - supports the move from paper-based healthcare to paper-lite and paperless environments
  • Supports multiple file types, including text, audio, video and image
  • Smart indexing makes finding information quick and easy for users of all technical abilities
  • BS10008 compliant – the patient record cannot be deleted or altered in any way, and provides a full audit trail
  • Role-based access control
  • Supports content lifecycle management
  • No need for third party software – reducing overall costs and maintenance headaches
  • Compliments existing EPR and infrastructure approaches and can take data from multiple sources
  • Responsive and flexible support and training throughout implementation and beyond
  • Integration: Communicates via REST API authentication by means of RFC7519 compliant security tokens (JWTs), facilitating integration with third party and in-house applications

User benefits

  • Save clinical time
  • Intuitive interface
  • Happier patients
  • Efficient, effective integrated care
  • Improve information disciplines

Hospital benefits

  • Move towards a paperless environment and save on the cost of storing physical records
  • Reduce legal liability - actual, in-context records will stand up to audit scrutiny
  • Rapid deployment with reduced implementation risks
  • High rates of user adoption
  • Low cost of ownership – no third party licence required
  • Rapid ROI