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We have over 13 years’ testing experience, and can offer test management, supporting documentation, use of the test manager tool and test team services.

Test management

Trusts often struggle to find test leads with the multi-disciplinary experience necessary. We can provide an experienced test manager/lead with comprehensive NHS experience and extensive knowledge of Medway.

Supporting documentation

We offer document templates to ensure consistency in format and content of test plans, test strategies, end-of-cycle reports and, if required, a final report.

Test manager tool

There are often multiple spreadsheets for different aspects involved in the testing process. The test manager tool provides a single solution for:

  • Capture of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) required for any issue raised as a result of testing activity
  • Creation and storage of test scripts
  • Scheduling
  • Allocation of test scripts
  • Recording of test results
  • Production of results report for inclusion in the end-of-cycle report
  • Recording and management of testing issues

Test team services

If the test manager is recruited from within the Trust and requires support, we can provide:

  • Assistance with the production of plans and reports
  • Test lead mentoring