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System C Icon_RTT (referral to treatment)

Referral to Treatment (RTT)

System C has an experienced team that can provide expert services, functionality and support in many RTT-related areas. This includes data capture and reporting to operational functionality.

For customers using Medway PAS/EPR and RTT

We can perform an in-depth review of how Medway RTT functionality is currently being used to help Trusts to maximise the benefits of the system. The review will look at how the RTT functionality is being used in context with the Trust’s working practices and processes. We will make recommendations on how processes could be improved, if appropriate, resulting in them being as streamlined and as efficient as possible.

This review will include:

  • An in-depth look at the Trust’s current processes
  • A review of features that are currently being used, and those which aren’t
  • A review of the current RTT configuration, which may result in recommendations on how the configuration could be changed to better support process and help improve data quality
  • An RTT data quality review to help identify any poor working practices amongst users and to help identify areas for refresher training

The review would take place over two days on site in a workshop-type setting with the Trust. A review of the Trust’s current processes and usage of the system, plus an analysis of RTT data quality, would take place on the first day. The Trust is then provided with a report of recommendations for subsequent action.

The recommendations will be reviewed with the Trust throughout the second day of the review, culminating in the production of an agreed action plan for implementation.