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System C has an excellent deployment track record. There is no other supplier in the UK that can match our capability and capacity to deploy PAS/EPR and Child Health systems to NHS Trusts.

Our product and programme managers have, on average, over 16 years’ experience working within healthcare IT – committed professionals with the skills, knowledge and attitude to support our customers in meeting their objectives effectively and efficiently.

System C’s proven and repeatable deployment approach has been developed and refined in over 20 acute trust EPR deployments, 16 of which have achieved go-live within 12 months from contract award, and over 30 CHIS deployments, ranging from single sites to multiple sites covering wide geographical areas, such as London, the West Midlands region, Manchester and the South Central region.

We expect to replace a legacy PAS in twelve months, and a legacy CHIS in three months, maximising deployment speed and accuracy by re-using tools developed with and for other NHS Trusts.

We work in partnership with our customers to achieve safe, controlled and predictable go-lives, allowing each one to return to ‘business as usual’ with minimum impact on staff and the delivery of services, and on the reporting requirements of the organisation.


Medway Deployment Journey

At Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust