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Nurse Success Stories

We’re honoured to have some incredible nurses, AHPs, midwives and pharmacists as our partners.

Their leadership, dedication, commitment and contribution are exemplary.

We're proud to share some success stories.

Image of Dione Rogers

Dione’s story

Dione Rogers, CNIO at Kettering General Hospital, received a letter from her "idol", New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Dione's partner wrote to the leader telling her about Dione’s digital leadership work at the Trust. Ms Ardern responded with a personal letter congratulating and on her accomplishments during the pandemic. In her letter, the prime minister congratulated Dione, highlighting her work as a nurse, getting a Florence Nightingale Scholarship, studying for a masters degree, and "being a wife and mother to two daughters - which is an extraordinary achievement!” Ms Ardern also added that Dione’s busy life made hers "seem straightforward in comparison”!

Image of staff nurse Holly

Holly’s story

Holly Carr applied for a place on a course for aspiring leaders through the Florence Nightingale Foundation. However, she was actually interviewed for the Digital Leader course!  One of the interview panel was Natasha Phillips, CNIO of England. To quote Natasha, she was ‘blown away’ by Holly. Not only did Holly get the place on the course but is being seconded from the beginning of May to work nationally for a year with Natasha’s team at NHSx as a Fellow.

Photo of Debbie

Debbie’s story

As the Lead Nurse for Harm Free care at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Debbie Wickens had to think about how she and her team could work differently and more effectively during the Covid-19 pandemic. They used CareFlow Connect to help with the situation. On one occasion, this enabled the team to save a patient’s life. Debbie, working at home, received a message with an image in patient context in CareFlow Connect from the patient’s bedside by a junior TVN nurse. The nurse was reviewing the patient reported with a moisture lesion. Unhappy with the skin condition, she wanted to seek immediate advice and guidance from her manager, Debbie. Debbie instantly recognised that it wasn’t a moisture lesion but something more severe. Within minutes she was in communication with the surgical team and the patient was quickly transferred to the Theatre for an emergency debridement of a form of Necrotising Fasciitis. This early intervention saved the patient’s life.

Image of Jacqueline Davis

Jacqueline’s story

Jacqueline Davis, Clinical Adoption Specialist, established System C’s Clinical Digital Leads Network (CDLN) which provides collaboration opportunity to lead nurses, AHPs, midwives and pharmacists across the System C customer base in digitising and transforming the care process. The Network offers a safe forum for individuals to seek advice, guidance and mentorship whilst providing a source of expertise, sharing good practice and celebrating success together. “I wanted us to come together as a network, to support each other, help each other thrive, learn and to be successful in our roles, whatever the title or level it is in the organisation. Make your stamp, put your head above the parapet to say - I am here, and I know what I’m doing, and I can improve the digital landscape of my trust.”

Image of Nat Hayes

Natalie’s story

Natalie Hayes is the CNIO of St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. During the first wave of covid Natalie started to use more digital systems to manage her patients, such as blood glucose & insulin pump downloads, two-way messaging, video clinics and so on. This is when she started to really see the benefits of digital transformation in healthcare and actively began progressing her digital nursing journey. Shortly afterwards, the CNIO post was advertised, and Natalie was successful in her application. Natalie Trained in 2006 in her local Trust and worked initially on the Acute Medical unit before moving to intensive care at the Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital. Natalie then moved back to St Helens doing research. She studied for her master’s in nursing, whilst rising through the ranks as a diabetic specialist nurse and being a new mum! Natalie is an active member of the CDLN and is key to many other digital leader’s networks around the country. You are a shining star Natalie. Well done and thank you for everything that you do to make digital transformation possible!

Image of Anna Rubio

Anna's story

Anna Rubio began her career at King’s College Hospital London as a Junior Physiotherapist, and quickly made her way up through the ranks becoming a Senior Physiotherapist at St. George’s Hospital, then later an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist at Guy’s and St. Thomas’. A few years later while at Frimley Health Foundation Trust, Anna was contentedly pursuing her clinical career but kept coming up against problems for which she had ideas of digital solutions, but didn’t have the time or influence to implement. Before long, Anna’s frustration was met with opportunity as Frimley Health advertised for its first ever AHP Information Officer role. Anna leapt at the opportunity and is now thoroughly enjoying having the ability to influence these changes that are making a real difference to frontline clinicians and patients. Anna’s proudest achievement, whilst being in this digital role, is being able to empower the AHP workforce and give them a voice at the table. She strives for equality of access and influence within Digital Transformation and is only just scratching the surface of her ideas – she’s not done yet!