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Royal Devon & Exeter has gone live with Medway

2nd November 2011


The Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E) has successfully gone live with System C’s Medway clinical information system, for Trust-wide requesting and reporting of laboratory and radiology services.

Some 4,000 Trust clinical and administrative staff are now using System C’s Medway software to order radiology and pathology tests and view results in one place.   The software replaces a traditional paper-based order and delivery system.

Since go-live, use of the system has increased significantly month on month.  In September, 86% of the Trust’s clinical chemistry tests were requested using Medway.

"We are delighted with the take-up of Order Comms across the Trust and with the improved speed and safety that the Medway software has brought, said Wendy Ware, director of IM&T at RD&E. 
“This implementation has involved a large number of users, over multiple sites.  The project is ongoing, but the success of this first stage is a testament to the hard work and dedication of both our staff and System C ", she added.

As well as speeding up internal processes, the Trust is looking to Medway to help improve financial efficiency and the quality of care.  

RD&E has taken advantage of Medway’s flexibility to build considerable clinical decision support into the ordering process, for example.  Active rules built into the system include checking a patient’s record for existing orders, results and/or alerts– a process which could highlight a duplicate or contraindicated order.  The system can also provide clinicians with local protocols and guidance. 
System C has a 7-year contract with RD&E for an integrated order communications and electronic prescribing system, billed as a first step in the Trust’s implementation of a new electronic patient record system.  Work is now beginning on deploying Medway Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) at the Trust.

The deployment involved linking 2 existing patient indexes and building interfaces between Medway and the RD&E’s ‘Exeter PAS’ as well as to its HP pathology and HSS CRIS radiology systems.

Dr Ian Denley, senior vice president of System C, commented: “A lot of work goes into an order communications system.  It’s a pleasure working with a Trust that is able to roll it out across a whole organisation so quickly.”